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C09P42 – Joke’s on me

C09P42 – Joke’s on me published on 4 Comments on C09P42 – Joke’s on me


Greetings LeyLians!

We did not reach the goal on our Kickstarter, and while that is a bit disappointing, I wanted to assure you all that it is NOT the end of the story OR of this book.

LeyLines will continue to be update online at LeyLinesComic.com. As for the book, just because we won’t be printing it NOW doesn’t mean it won’t be printed ever. Cory and I have been talking things over, and this is what we’re planning on doing.

Building a Nest Egg in 3 Ways

In 2014 I’ll be opening up a brand new service through Moko Press that I’m calling Storytelling Coaching. AKA Developmental Editing, if you want the fancy term.

Cory and I are also ramping up our convention schedule, and we’ll be going to a lot more conventions to sell the books and prints we already have in stock.

Finally, I’ll be offering local after-school classes on drawing and writing.

Hopefully between all of these efforts, we can start building up a nest egg for Volume Three. Even though we didn’t raise enough to meet the goal in this Kickstarter, together we did get over $4,000 pledged. That’s enough for half a book, and if Cory and I can earn enough to pay for the other half, we could run another Kickstarter sometime next year at a lower goal level. I’ll keep you all posted on all the developments.

More importantly…

We may not have made the goal, but we did come together as a community for this project. People shared updates and links with their friends and followers, helped me get interviews, wrote articles, and, of course, made generous pledges. So THANK YOU to everyone that came together to try and make this book happen. One way or another, we WILL get it printed. It’s just a matter of hard work and time.

I hope all of you enjoy the winter holidays and have a fantastic new year. I’ll see you in 2014!


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I’m really sorry that this didn’t happen yet, but by the time you’re ready to try again, I’m sure LeyLines will have even more fans ready to yell SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

Sorry to hear about the Kickstarter and glad to hear you have a backup plan. I suppose that December is a tough time for Kickstarters, what with holiday expenses and all those charities that come out in force this time of year. It’s hard to compete with the Salvation Army.

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