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C09P40 – Smack

C09P40 – Smack published on 12 Comments on C09P40 – Smack

Because really, did anyone think Tama stood even a remote chance? The only real question was how long he’d manage to draw things out. And now that question has been answered.

We’re in the LAST WEEK of the Kickstarter and at 37%. While that’s some great progress, we’re still a long way from hitting the funding goal. I still think LeyLians can rally together and make this book happen, but it’s going to take your help! If you’ve enjoyed this story, if it’s ever made you laugh, cry, or pause for a moment of thought, please help it grow. If you’ve ever learned something from one of my videos or articles, please support the time and effort that has gone into sharing that knowledge. This story means a lot to me, and I need your help for it to succeed. If you have a moment to make a pledge, or to share the Kickstarter with a friend, please do. Even a small donation can have a big impact! Together we can make this creative dream into a reality!


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I was scared Zhiro would just sit and take the physical abuse, after all the emotional abuse he takes from Tama with a “yes, Scion.”.

I’m so glad to see him fight back. Go, Zhiro, go! Place value on yourself!

Even Zhiro has limits. And Tama pushed until he crossed one.

Thank you for the reply! 🙂

I’m glad Zhiro has limits. I’m really happy for the page after this one too (though I will leave why vague to avoid spoilers in the comments).

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