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C09P39 – Blood Brother

C09P39 – Blood Brother published on 6 Comments on C09P39 – Blood Brother

And now at last the bloody hand-print‘s source is revealed, and that piece comes full circle. For once, I didn’t draw out my foreshadowing for years and years and chapters and chapters…unlike Zhiro and Tama‘s scars, which you guys have been wondering about for a looooong time.

Health update: Finally went to the doctor. Turns out that I did NOT break my ribs, as previously thought, but ripped the lining between my ribs and lungs. This is due to the cold that I had for 6+ weeks. Which…I probably should have seen a doctor about a loooooong time before I ripped the connective tissue inside my body. They gave me some heavy-duty pain killers, cough suppressants, and burn-it-all-with-fire antibiotics to cover the possibilities of whooping cough and pneumonia. Then the day after I felt something inside me tear AGAIN and the pain went from a 7 to a 9 which was not so fun. The good news is that the antibiotics seem to be working, because I actually was able to sleep for longer than 2 hours yesterday without coughing myself awake. Still in pain, still sick, but energy is coming back and the symptoms seem to be receding. Thank goodness. Moral of the story: Suck it up and see your doctor if you have a cold that just won’t quit.

The added bonus of feeling a little better is that I finally was able to finish the rough draft of chapter ten. I hope you’ve had your fill of normal reality, cuz we’re going to have a LOT more dream-walking and god-shenanigans come next chapter. It is going to be FUN!!

Speaking of fun, Kurt Sasso had me on his podcast/video-cast for TGT Media! The interview was an absolute blast, and you can watch that here! Plus, see my obsessive rabbit nose-twitch in action, and all the funny faces I make when I talk unscripted. As an added bonus. 🙂


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On the coughing fit and complications, been there, painful… Sounds like you had pleurisy and adhesions. Smart people only do this once if they have the choice.

Tama and Zhiro, a complex relationship where Tama can have quite the mix of failings, guilt and envy. Zhiro of course more or less asks the question “Envy of what?” previously.

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