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C09P37 – You’re a fool

C09P37 – You’re a fool published on 16 Comments on C09P37 – You’re a fool

So…I’ve managed to crack a rib somehow. And catch a cold. Which, when it’s a coughing cold, is…not…fun. So I’m writing this with a 100+ fever. Yaaay! So if I’m a little loopy…yaaaay! Wait, no, boooooo!


Sometimes I get a little…um…panicked. When I’m ill. Like, “OHMIGAWD CORY I’M GONNA DIE. I’VE CAUGHT SOMETHING HORRIBLE AND INCURABLE AND I’M GONNA DIE.” But, being perfectly, not at all feverishly rational, will typically refuse to see a doctor on the grounds that they might find that I’m ACTUALLY GOING TO DIE. And part of me wants to live in the sweet bliss of ignorance that I might live for just a few more days.

…I’m the same way about flying.

Which is odd, because I’ve done a lot of flying in my life.


Sooooooooooooooo today Cory came up with the best reason I should NOT die. Because he said that he’d finish LeyLines in my absence. Except he’d only re-use pieces of previous pages. And he’d make the story all about how Tama desperately wants to be acknowledged as a great stage magician, but he’s actually completely terrible and everybody knows it.

Never have I been so convinced to keep living, until now. This man knows me so well. SO. WELL.

I’m also learning that I like capital letters when sick. WEHEEEEEEEE

Has anyone ever threatened something ridiculous to motivate you about doing something?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Get better soon!

Ridiculous threats are the foundation of much French Canadian ribbing (pun totally intended there). Sometimes the threats are simply obviously untrue (“If you don’t do a better job carrying your half of this desk, I’m going to drop my half and leave you to finish the moving on your own”). Sometimes they are obviously bad ideas, with just enough follow-through for hilarity. When I was a kid my brother was hassling me on a car trip. We stopped for gas, and he went to the bathrooms. While we waited for him to get back, I idly whined that we should just leave him there. My dad said “Okay!” and proceeded to actually start driving away, which of course caused me to protest that we couldn’t actually leave him.
I don’t usually need motivation other than getting up early enough. My dad’s followed through on threats to wake me with anything from banging pots to using industrial power tools near my room.

Ugh, Tama. Reason number 50 billion you are not yet ready to rule: IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU.

He needs a life-changing field trip with Zuko, is what it is.

Owch, that sounds painful! In order to help, I’m going to be the most boring poster ever, and I’m going to achieve this by saying absolutely nothing of interest and doing it all without varying my sentence structure at all. Hopefully this will balance out the other posters, causing their stories not to tickle you so you will not laugh. Ahem!

I like Tama’s eyes in the last panel. They are very intelligent looking eyes. I like the colour of the panels on this page. I like the texture of the colouring on this page. I think Zhiro’s eyes look a bit small on the second panel. I am unsure why Tama is challenging Zhiro. I will need to read back a bit.

I hope that was as boring as possible. Get well soon!

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