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C09P36 – Mistaken

C09P36 – Mistaken published on 5 Comments on C09P36 – Mistaken

A local Coloradoan, the lovely Josh Hawkes (aka 303Ninja) interviewed me! While we did talk a bit about the Kickstarter, the podcast traversed over a much larger range of topics than just that, including:

  • Finding the core of a story
  • How I got into webcomics
  • Incredible direct connections enabled by the Internet
  • Printed books vs digital experience
  • The best way to present a panel to a convention organizer
  • Practicing courage
  • The importance of forming a team
  • The vast power most readers don’t even realize they have

  • Give the podcast a listen here!


    Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

    Ugggh. Robin, why can’t you ever make anything simpllllle?

    (I say that, but really I love it.)

    I just find simple boring. Simple means we don’t have to question anything, or wonder, or think. Sometimes it’s nice to have simple, and a lot of times things that appear complex are, in fact, much simpler than we make them. But even the process of determining that, boiling down to a choice, is a complex and involved one.

    I want my readers to question and come to their own conclusions. For the vast majority of my work, I’m never going to tell readers what they “should” think. I’m going to present you with situations and let you make up your own minds.

    If I’m very fortunate, some of you may share your thoughts, and we can discuss your conclusions. And then I’ll learn something too. 🙂

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