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C09P32 – Too far

C09P32 – Too far published on 8 Comments on C09P32 – Too far

Those of you that follow my Twitter Feed have been hearing my excitement (and intermittent panic) about my upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Volume Three of LeyLines! I just sent it off to some trusted LeyLians for their feedback, and I’ll be submitting it to the Kickstarter Staff soon. I’m pretty nervous about it, to tell you frankly. Last year I knew that even if it all was a total disaster, I could save up with the Engineering job paycheck and make the book happen anyway. This year…well, I adore the new job, but it’s not exactly a source of income that allows me to save much. So it’s going to be a bit of a make-or-break event. I’m a little scared, but hopeful too.

I’m not the only one with a scary situation and a hopeful Kickstarter campaign coming up. Thom and Kambrea, the talented creators of Shadowbinders, just started their campaign today! As they talked about in their latest podcast, Thom was laid off recently and the best prospect for work will mean a very, very long commute. Which would leave very little time for making comics. So this Kickstarter will impact not just the project their running the campaign for, but also for the future of their comic. They’ve both been exceptionally supportive of me, very willing to share knowledge, advice, and encouragement. I wish them all the best in their endeavor and hope it works out for them! They’re good folk, and we’ve been very lucky to have them in the webcomics world. Please check out their Kickstarter! Especially the video they put together for it — it’s super cute!


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This seems… out of character, too vicious… for Tama? Is he more stressed than we know? I mean presumably whatever Mizha is talking about right now is relevant, and so was the little history lesson, but…


Tama, why?

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