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C09P26 – Baggage

C09P26 – Baggage published on 7 Comments on C09P26 – Baggage

Today is my birthday! I actually thought it was next week…but I’m very bad at time and I’ve been thinking it was the 16th this entire week so far. I also thought all last year I was 28, but it turns out that only NOW am I 28. Huzzah! Free year!

…I told you I was bad at time.

And faces.

And names.

…Mine is a complicated brain function.

Yesterday Cory and I went to a theater showing of Alfred Hitchcock’s film Psycho. It was the first time I’d seen any of his films. I’ve been wanting to see some of his work, as I’ve heard him praised for his storytelling skills. I definitely found it very interesting, particularly on matters of characterization and symbol use, but also on verbal clues. I didn’t really find it frightening or even unnerving. I did find it very sad and intriguing. I related to a lot of the characters, both in their mannerisms and struggles. But then, many of the characters I’ve written have lived lives consumed by their mothers, so perhaps it’s not so surprising. I’m excited to see more of his films. This once definitely gave me a lot to think about.

What story have you seen/read lately that gave you a lot to think about, and why?


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I just love the colours on this panel. The building is really well-drawn and grand. Plus, Kali’s expression and pose in the last panel is just adorable. It might be that when I looked at her I thought that slight line on her cheek to the left indicated her collar making a little fat crease, and I dunno if it’s that or just to indicate her cheek bone, but it makes it look more human to me regardless. 🙂

Happy birthday! I hope you have a great one! And don’t feel alone, I’m also bad with time, not so bad with faces but absolutely awful with names. It’s just… one of those things… calendars and notebooks are the only answer. A lot of calendars and notebooks. XD

I haven’t really read many stories lately; I’ve mostly been trying to research mental illnesses and trauma for some characters. Mwaha. >8D

Happy Birthday!

(I am horrible with faces and names. It embarrasses me, to the point where I will just not address people by their names for fear of messing up. Crazy business.)

“You’re dismissed.” Wow, privileged much? Well, at least she said thank you. 😉

Thish is why you need a Farley file! I have a few started from various points in my life.
If you have a iphone…you guessed it! There’s an app for that!

That…is a really good idea, actually. I try to take notes on the backs of cards, but then inevitably the cards get lost, or mixed up. It wouldn’t help much with faces (unless I could get a photo) but it would probably help with names!

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