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C09P23 – Discipline

C09P23 – Discipline published on 9 Comments on C09P23 – Discipline

In my experience, there are few people on the planet that can make you feel as guilty as a kid caught with a hand in the cookie jar than an irate martial arts teacher.

…and that’s all I got for today. I am in stage 3 of Robin’s Revolving Door of Illness Symptoms (stage 1 was PAIN, stage 2 was PAIN IN NEW PLACE, and stage 3 has been eternal coughing/sneezing) for the past five days and I have no energy for deep, soul-searching musings at the moment. Especially since there’s a 50/50 chance they would descend into feverish ramblings. Or that this is ALREADY a feverish rambling. WHO KNOWS? Maybe Mr. Cough Syrup can tell us…

…Ask again later? WHHHHAAAAT it turns out Mr. Cough Syrup was a magic 8 ball ALL ALONG. WHAT A TWIST. Mind. Blown.

Yeaaaaaaah goodnight folks.


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I predict we see Zhiro’s super power in action again. He has this ability to make older men like and care for him. Even Dreameater isn’t immune!
Also! I am also Snottgarth, the god of mucus and misery. I’ve had mine for two weeks. It’s transformed from a standard cold to a week of full body aches and the kind of rattling chest cough that makes medically inclined people double take.

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