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C09P21 – Liars and Thieves

C09P21 – Liars and Thieves published on 6 Comments on C09P21 – Liars and Thieves

Kali…making friends and influencing people.

I’m updating a little earlier today because I participated in 24 hour comic day at the wonderful Time Warp Comics in Boulder! As in the past, the story that was made will be in the next LeyLines book. Unlike last time, instead of focusing on making 24 pages in 24 hours, I made my goal a much shorter story where I could focus on the art. I’m really happy with the results, and will probably be making some of them into prints and selling the originals. I’ll post more about all that…but…I am exhausted. Hence the updating early part. Frankly, if I don’t update now, I might pass out on the nearest soft-ish surface and not wake up until after I should have updated.

Also, if any of that doesn’t make sense, I blame being essentially awake for…many hours. Many many hours.



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Reallt, Zhiro? Lets ask Dreameater about things. I have a funny feeling they are going to slant more towards Kali’s interpretation than you are comfortable with. Not totally, cause even if we believed everything he said nothing is black and white in life.
I also love the contrast between how manicured and civilized the area looks and how filthy and run down our heroes are. I also don’t trust this is going to be the rest stop Zhiro is hoping for. You’ve added another Poker of Things to your adventuring group, Zhi! The pair of them will join powers and poke things into a huff!

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