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C09P15 – Rather go to Ulai

C09P15 – Rather go to Ulai published on 2 Comments on C09P15 – Rather go to Ulai

Back to the gang as they make plans for their trip. If you’d like more detail on the places Zhiro’s talking about, perhaps you’d like to visit the maps section of our little ol’ site here…

Some of you have been asking about how the new job is going. It’s been interesting, fun, and the community is great. I’m really enjoying teaching the kids more about writing, and being able to engage them in ways that are a little bit different than they might be used to. I mentioned before how some of them were really struggling to put anything in their notebooks for fear of it being “not perfect enough,” so I brought in MY notebook.

My notebook is a massive duct-taped monstrosity bulging with all the extra random notes and sketches I’ve taped into it. It is very far from perfect. It is full of ideas I never used and never will use. I talked about how sometimes, we’re NOT ready to write more about our stories, and that’s okay. However, there are lots of other things we can write about to support our stories so that later we WILL be ready to write about them. I showed them all the work I’ve done on thinking about the world and the people that live there. I talked about the research I had done and showed all the notes I’d taken on different subjects. We talked about how you can plan out a story, and I showed them my original clue chain for Pakku and Warren’s investigation, most of which never actually made it into any finished work, but I needed to know it in order to write how the caper was arranged. We also discussed how we can focus on a specific character and just write about that person. All of that is writing, and none of it is writing a complete story from start to finish, or getting it “just right.” It was exciting to see them think differently about the purpose of their notebooks. A lot of them seemed newly invigorated about the idea of writing, as if it had taken on a new dimension they had never considered. I don’t know if it will mean any major change in their writing, but it was nice that I could give them that, if only for a moment! Sometimes just observing a different way of thinking can make it easier to tackle a problem.

How has discovering a new perspective changed something in your life?


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Ooh, I’m looking forward to conflict between Zhiro and Kali. They have such different viewpoints and experiences.

Also, I am super-jealous of you and what you get to do. That sounds so awesome.

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