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C09P10 – I can go

C09P10 – I can go published on 7 Comments on C09P10 – I can go

Thanks to your votes, LeyLines has made it to the SEMI-FINALS of the TGT Tournament!! We’re against the lovely Shadowbinders, so this is going to be a VERY close race! Will we make it to the finals? Can LeyLians beat out the Shadowbinders??? AUAUAGGHH I DON’T KNOW YET BUT I’VE BEEN HITTING THE REFRESH BUTTON MORE THAN IS HEALTHY! Want to support LeyLines? Click here to cast your votes for this, and many other great comics!


I wanted to spend a little more time doing a proper con report for Intervention, since I mostly spoke about all the lovely people I met. Today we’ll have more photos. 🙂

I’m getting better with my table set-up as I’ve done more cons. Each time I tweak it and it gets a little better. I’ll look at other booths and make mental notes for things I could adapt. I’m definitely going to have to figure out a better display for prints. I have an idea, but we’ll see how it works in reality. I’m adding more and more artwork to my table, which is tricky to display. Speaking of which…I premiered a new print at the convention that has so far pleased Mizhiro shippers…Especially Cap’n Liz. If you’d like to join her, I’ve added the print to the store as well!

I was on two panels with Pete Abrams and Eren and Kennedy talking about writing fantasy stories and creating three dimensional characters. It was a fascinating peek into how different creators develop their ideas. I’m on the very organized side of the spectrum (I know, shock, right?) with a lot of specific methodologies. Whereas my cohorts had a very organic approach to most aspects. Nonetheless, we all valued the same things and came to similar results in our work, despite different approaches. Plus, Pete and I could rejoice/commiserate over Sharknado…so that was good. 🙂

I also had the chance to thank Mookie for the many lovely years of Dominic Deegan and then ended up talking about printing options. He’s looking into making an omnibus of Dominic Deegan, which I will have to start saving up for now, because it will be huge and glorious and I will be poor when he runs the Kickstarter. Aaaauuugh will have to make it work!

Finally, my absolute FAVORITE picture from the convention…in no small part because it has the first member of the Webcomic Alliance that I’ve gotten to meet IN PERSON…The wonderful, the friendly, the amazing, the talented CHRIS FLICK! AND my wonderful host, Eric Menge of Snow by Night. You could not ask for better company than that, my friends. 🙂


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TGT still only lets me vote once per round…… Good thing I realized I can vote in each browser I have, on each device I have. 😉

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