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C09P05 – Pop!

C09P05 – Pop! published on 14 Comments on C09P05 – Pop!

Thank you for supporting the work, time, and love that goes into this project! A special “Thank you!” to Christina and Natalie for their support of LeyLines this week through their purchases at the Moko Press Store! I very much appreciate your help, and will do my best to continue providing the best story I can!

You’re supposed to put the hat…on…after…Never mind, Tama. Just…just never mind. 😉

I’ve noticed a weird “stock up” mentality has hit me lately. As I mentioned before, I’m still working at my current job while job searching. I want to transition from one thing to the other. However, there’s still this feeling that things could change at any moment, and my financial situation could drastically alter. So I’ve caught myself buying things with the thought of “I won’t be able to afford this in the future, so I better stock-pile it now. I am like a squirrel. A squirrel hoarding chocolates, books, and teas. (The essentials, right?)

It doesn’t help that I recently discovered Adagio fandom tea blends. Which are basically teas inspired by different characters, made for fans, by fans. For a tea fanatic, and a fandom fanatic, this is a very dangerous thing. Sherlock tea, Hobbit tea, Supernatural Tea, Welcome to Night Vale tea, Avatar the Last Airbender tea…I should have plenty of tea to carry me through the hard times. (Or would that be float?)

You can also blend your own teas through them! Naturally this lead to an even MORE dangerous thought…what would LeyLines teas taste like? What kind of tea would match the personalities of the cast? Of Kali, Pakku, Tama, Warren, Mizha, Zhiro, Una, Lu Pai, Milan, Ravazhi…? I AM INTRIGUED! In slow moments I’ve been pondering what I might mix for each of them, and I wanted to see what YOU thought as well!

Adagio tea blends are created by choosing 3 teas (+ optional accent) and deciding what percentage to include of each. You can see their selections of Black, Oolong, Green, White, Red, and Herbal that they have to choose from. Not to mention Chai and Special Flavors! Or just go nuts and say whatever comes to mind first…chances are pretty good they have something like that in stock!

SO my fellow tea fanatics and LeyLians…what kinds of flavors come to mind when you think of the LeyLines cast?


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“This is Rava’s pancho? Does that mean if I hold it up to my nose…. I’M BREATHING RAVA?!?”

I’m not a tea-drinker, so I’m not sure I can weigh in on that issue. But my new Pakku charm is now the happy (if judgmental) taskmaster of my “stuff to do” whiteboard!

That’s the perfect task for Pakku! He is sure to keep everything organized.

For Pakku, so far I’ve been thinking something dark and strong…A black tea maybe. Except I also think of mint when I think of Pakku. I’m not sure if it’s a color thing (black and green!) or if it’s how I associate the scent of mint with alertness. So maybe a peppermint/black…with lavender. Because why not? 🙂

I imagine that Tama takes his tea like I do: With enough sugar to make the flavour of the tea rather inconsequential. Though I generally prefer black currant or vanilla. Maybe if I had an income I’d develop a taste for something that I can’t buy for cheap, but I’m not. So when the price is down, I stock up.

hm. Going more by what we use in the shop rather than Adagio’s choices, but here goes…

Mizha makes me think of our ‘evening’/’relaxation’ teas, which tend to be green rooibos and flowers. So something like green rooibos, lavender, chamomile, rose. Maybe a little hibiscus to add a fruity, tart flavor to it.

For Tama (if you want ‘fancy rich kid, but homey’), I could see something like a vanilla Earl Grey with cinnamon.

Zhiro makes me think something based in yerba mate or green tea, with chai spice… I’m trying not to copy the tea we made for Varony, but that’s kind of what he makes me think of – Varony’s tea is yerba mate with cinnamon, chai, and a tiny bit of lapsang souchung, which has a dark, smoked flavor. Or, we used to make a really good “Smoky Rose” tea with lapsang and roses… I wonder how that would go with chai spice. Or cocoa powder, even. It would have to be something grounded, complex, and mysterious all at the same time…

for Kali, something like an oolong with ginger and orange or lemon, maybe. Smooth and direct with a bit of a bite to it.

..and I really like your black tea with peppermint and lavender idea for Pakku. You could throw some ginseng and/or ginkgo in there for alertness, too. …and now I really want to try some of that. >.>

Definitely agree with you on the floral elements with Mizha. Lavender and rose in particular seem like good matches. I’m thinking maybe a white tea with those floral elements, and a fruit of some kind. Blue/purple is her favorite color, so maybe blueberry? Not sure how that would go with the floral notes.

Tama’s definitely leaning towards that vanilla, cinnamon, sweet and spiced kind of realm. I was batting about the idea of a sweet potato with vanilla, currant, and a bit of coconut. For something that manages to be comfy, spoiled, and a touch quirky.

It’s interesting how Mizha and Tama tend to spark similar ideas for tea types, but so far the responses for Zhiro and Kali are all across the board. I think part of it is maybe Zhiro needs two teas — one for himself, and one for Dream Eater. I think a smokey flavor would be perfect for DE!

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