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C09P04 – Fancy Hat

C09P04 – Fancy Hat published on 14 Comments on C09P04 – Fancy Hat

Exciting News! The Volume Two books have arrived, and are available for purchase!! There’s also book bundles on sale if you want to start your collection! If you enjoy LeyLines, please help support it by buying something at the store. A lot of work, time, and love goes into this project. Every purchase helps keep it going strong!

All of these books had to be hauled in by hand…all 1500 lbs of them! And guess who got to do that? THAT’S RIGHT IT WAS ME! I decided to video tape the event, so you could vicariously experience my decent into exhausted insanity… 😉 Also, you get to meet Cory, my fiance. Don’t know if you guys have seen him yet…but NOW you can see him IN ACTION!

Also! Friday’s blog will be a Creature Feature with development sketches for the Rakaros! Hope you enjoy it!


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Oh yes, also, Cory looks familiar so chances are you at least showed a photo at some point. That or the world is proving how small it is again and I encountered him somewhere.

Which…come to think of it…I could SWEAR I saw a banner of the rainbow goddess somewhere before I actually encountered the comic, so I could’ve seen him then.

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