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C08P40 – Not nothing to me

C08P40 – Not nothing to me published on 22 Comments on C08P40 – Not nothing to me

As much fun as it is to write Dream Eater, it’s moments like these that make me glad when Zhiro is back. Dream Eater could never say something like this, and be as genuine and heartfelt as Zhiro is now. That’s it for chapter eight!! Thank you to everyone that sent in work for the break, here’s what you can expect for the next two weeks:

1) Wednesday will be our traditional Feedback Day for chapter eight. As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

2) On the normal Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule I will be posting an incredibly beautiful and touching 6-page comic sent in as a surprise by one of my hardworking color-blockers. It is lovely, and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

3) On the days in between the comic pages (ie – Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday) we’ll be posting the fantastic fan-art pieces so many people kindly sent in!! Thank you!

So there will be LOTS to see during the break! I hope you enjoy it! Chapter Nine will start up on July 26th.


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So hey, this is off-topic… but I was reading the extras I got in the printed book and couldn’t help but notice… Vision used to be a SNAKE?

I’m curious how you intended that. I mean, default English-language culture (so far as it exists) tends to depict snakes as, well, venomous dangerous treacherous ill-meaning power-mad nihilists. Or something like that. That’s what happens, I guess, when you combine a fairly natural fear of things that can kill you (and a fear-by-association of harmless things that look similar) with an ancient myth where the antagonist is all snakey. If Vision’s snakey-ness was out in the open, I’d more readily suspect you of putting a twist on this depiction, but I kind of suspect that you’ve been keeping it quiet so that when we find out he’s a snake it’ll all make sense.

…An interesting side detail of this is the fact that the animalistic portrayals of Vision and the Rainbow Goddess have clean evaporated out of the culture, apparently. Which is peculiar. While I can see the main culture of Vision’s followers portraying him only as humanoid, it’s odd that there are not many Timu depictions of Vision as a snake, or other corrupted versions of that snakey form floating around – like the gluttonous green bear for Zhumupuru. Even Bone Matron and Dream Eater still carry the aspects of their animal forms – spider and coyote/fox/wolf thing. So, while I can see Vision being depicted primarily as humanoid, where’d all the other symbols for him go, and how on earth did the Rainbow Goddess get dragged into the same situation?

And of course, the remaining question: What animal was the Rainbow Goddess, back in the day? I’d guess fish, given all the water/dreaming pool/sacred lake stuff, plus the fact that she has a frog and a snake for siblings, but of course I’m not sure about that.

Vision’s animalistic origins are based on 1) the location of the god’s power center (The White River) and his powers (previously represented in art by lightning), both of which were thought to resemble snakes. Snakes in our own culture do sometimes have the negative aspect of being untrustworthy. As far as some Timu are concerned, that is the case in this world too. However, snakes are also seen as symbols of rebirth (due to the shedding of skin) and the unconscious mind (due to their extreme alien-ness as compared to mammalian norms).

The Rainbow Goddess in her animal form was a moth, and in Pwama, where she is worshiped as the dominant deity instead of Vision, much of these aspects have been preserved. That’s why moths appear on headboards, and where the Blood Moths get their name.

Only in Itsuri have most of the animalistic aspects been stripped out of the mythology for the light gods and dumped onto the old gods (now called Indulgences) and the dark gods of Dream Eater and Bone Matron. Technically, both light gods and dark gods are part of the same pantheon, but are worshiped with differing levels of deference. Dream Eater and Bone Matron, in Itsuri, are treated as lesser gods of the dead and childbirth. Rainbow Goddess occupies a role similar to the Virgin Mary in Christianity. Vision is treated as God and Jesus combined.

Of course, it’s a very different story in Pwama. Which is part of why the two countries were at war for so long. This schism in depictions occurred around the same time that the war began centuries ago.

I spent all day at work wishing I was alone. My coworkers (lovely people) were ‘assisting’ me, without understanding that if I have to redo the work to get it up to passable standards, then it wasn’t really help. I also didn’t want to tell them and hurt their feelings, so I just spent all day wishing for aloness.

I missed Zhiro. I think what I love so much about all these character relationships is that you never gloss over the ugly parts–but you never fail to highlight the good stuff, either.


Something to make you smile- My shiftleader at work, she is almost sixty. I love her to death because she is such a fiery personality, and has just the right combo of no-nonsense and yeah-whatever to be really great at her job. I also commute with her four days a week. Yesterday, she ran out of her blood pressure medicine, so today, I went to the clinic with her after work. We sat there forever. Then they took her into the back. Forever. So I messaged her, a lil worried, and asked if everything was alright. She informed me she was done, bored, just waiting on whatever was taking them. I asked her if I needed to rescue her, and she answered yes (she probably thought I was kidding). So… I went back :p Found her room, grabbed the paper off the exam table, put it around me kilt-style, grabbed a tongue pressy-thingy, and her hand, started out the room. We of course, ran into a doctor. I brandished my tongue pressy-thingy, yelled ‘FREEEEEEDOOOOOOM!!!!!’ and out we went, right past him.

She says she never laughed so hard in her life. The doctor (she had to call him on the phone) assured her that there was no trouble, he found it funny, too.

I’m still stuck in pots and pans at work, til I die.

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