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C08P37 – Unbearable

C08P37 – Unbearable published on 11 Comments on C08P37 – Unbearable

The Dream Give-away winner has been pulled from the hat and it is…Pancake-angst on Tumblr! There were 15 entries sharing some very cool dreams! Thank you to everyone that put their name in the hat. Hopefully we shared LL with some new people!

I tried to actually NOT work through the weekend for the first time in…uh…Okay, it’s been a very long time and I don’t remember when I actually tried actively not to take a break BUT this weekend I did. Sorta. I did in the afternoons, at least. Saturday afternoon I went and visited with friends that I hadn’t seen since May of last year…(despite them living 20 minutes away…yes, I am a terrible friend.) And Sunday afternoon I played Skyrim for the first time, which I confess was pretty dang fun. I am a yellow-scaled, feather-frilled, horn-covered, red-war-paint-festooned anthropomorphic velociraptor with pupil-less, sky-blue eyes. Because if that’s not the best way to spend your Sunday, I’m not sure what is. 🙂

What’s your Perfect Sunday?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Curling up on your most fav cuddly spot throwing on a movie you’ve seen thousands of times but still love and then sew or draw something just for the fun of it. Maybe play a few games that don’t demand too much.

I demand (in a totally without-any-control sort of way that you’ll doubtless ignore :p) that Zhiro and Mizha get married and have twenty babies and live happily ever after!! :p

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