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C08P36 – That’s my cue

C08P36 – That’s my cue published on 16 Comments on C08P36 – That’s my cue

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I really, really, really love writing for Dream Eater. Even if that means no Zhiro, who I love very much and miss when he’s away, but he’s not quite so…free…as Dream Eater is. Zhiro will never tell you what is on his mind. Dream Eater says whatever he wants, especially if he thinks it will mess with your head for him to say it. It’s fun to have characters that have that strange sense of carefree honesty and bitter wisdom. He brings an entirely different lens through which we can explore the world. I’m very excited for future chapters with him, and I hope you are too.

Tricksters are some of the most interesting characters in many myths and legends. Some play by a very strict code, others bend the rules to suit them. They challenge heroes in ways that a dragon never could, and often when facing a trickster, you’re your own worst enemy. I think more than any other kind of figure, tricksters force heroes to do one of the most difficult tasks of all: Think outside the box. Adapt. Change.

Coyote. Loki. Lucifer (depending on your interpretation). Anansi. Quite a few of the Greek gods, although Hermes is often called out as the worst offender. (Which isn’t entirely fair, IMO, considering all the various shenanigans of that particular pantheon.) And more fairy-tales than I can count. Some are malicious, some are good-natured, and for some it depends on the time of day and whether or not they like your face.

What’s your favorite trickster figure and why?


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There have been a nice post somewhere, where the author developed an opinion of Gendalf being the trickster of the Middle Earth universe. Such kind of a trickster, that you need some second thought to realize he is.

By the way, I won’t take Lucifer as a trickster. All his actions look quite straightforward – well, that’s my opinion.

To the contrary, in the New Testament the most trickster-looking person (God forgive me if I’m wrong) is Jesus himself. Look, all the time some people ask him uncomfortable questions, with both yes/no options meaning harm for Him, He gives some third answer – neither “yes”, nor “no” – and ruins the whole plot. And He does does it at every logically important situation, culminating in “you have nothing in your hands” to Pilate, Crucifixion and Resurrection.

I don’t mean to start a holywar here, You may think of it as an opinion on the Bible as a literary work.

I was thinking of Lucifer as a trickster character because he presents situations as clear-cut, when in fact they are not. Whereas Jesus I had viewed as the heroic figure that is able to adapt and present a third view. Still, the idea of Jesus as a benign trickster is equally fascinating. If not more so! Who better to make us question?

Bugs Bunny! …The only trickster god I grew up on, unfortunately.

You and Andy! Must have watched the same toons. 🙂

I suppose there were a few others in the cartoons I watched growing up, but none of them were as good as Bugs. Jerry kinda unjustifiably picked on Tom, the Roadrunner never spoke and had a rather limited repertoire… Bugs, though, was usually the deliverer of impossible karmic justice. And then he’d mock you for trying to catch him in the first place.

Oh good. Crisis averted… well, at least for now.
Also I like how you write Dream Eater too. Trickster deities are often quite interesting characters.

My favourite trickster? Sun Wukong. I’m not gonna say why, but if you haven’t read the novel Journey to the West, I’d suggest trying it. It’s a little wordy and a bit slow getting started, but it’s a fun story and what got me interested in chinese mythology.

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