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C08P34 – Why?

C08P34 – Why? published on 20 Comments on C08P34 – Why?

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I went and saw Monsters University today with Cory. I will not spoil the film, but I will say that I enjoyed it, and found its messages relevant, important, and refreshing. I can easily recommend it.

I will spoil a little of the short film before the movie which was not only technically impressive (the textures and liquid dynamics were incredible) but got me crying. Now, mind you, this is no longer hard. There were days when I was incapable of crying, even when I wanted to, but after years of therapy that is thankfully no longer the case. Although, to this day, I hate crying. Particularly in theaters. At kids films. But it’s usually kids films that are the most likely to make me cry. It was not the romantic bit that got me, (in that regard, it didn’t have anything on Paperman) but there is a section where the main character gets in trouble, and the bystanders, perhaps even strangers, do everything in their power to help this poor fellow. They use all their skills and in some cases sacrifice themselves (one leaped into traffic) because they are able to endure what the main character cannot. That these people would be so aware of a stranger in need, and go to such lengths to assist, if for no reason than they had shared a passing shared joy in the rain a few moments before, was what started the tears.

I could not help but think of those that have helped me, something I continue to find baffling. I do not generally understand kindness. I was not raised to expect it, and I think it will surprise me until the day I die. I cannot comprehend the encouragement from my color-blockers, that help make the comic you read today and every day possible. I am still amazed by the generosity people showed in the Kickstarter, and deeply hope that the books that have been arriving at their homes these past weeks have pleased them. I wonder at the lovely people that visit me at conventions, often multiple times through the weekends, to share their good cheer or introduce a friend to me and my work. Each and every one of you is a marvel. And while I do not understand what I have done to deserve your affection and assistance, I am grateful beyond measure, and think of you often. Thank you, and I hope there are many in your life that show you kindness as great as that which you have chosen to share with me.

Do you ever cry at movies? What catches you?


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Oh things that make me cry? Children dying in a movie…straight up – I’m not afraid to admit it.

The boy in “Across the Universe” (playing opposite the song “Let it Be”)Bawled like a baby…gets me every time when he dies in the race riots they portray.

I firmly believe parents shouldn’t outlive their chilren….

Now and then I do and because of these few things:
I relate to the character and their plight cuz it mirrors mine so closely that I will cry if they fail.
If a pet dies. that can also be a movie breaker and make me not watch it again.
Sad music at the precisely right moment.I can’t really explain this one since it’s a hit and miss. But when it works it works. Think like the land before time or the baby mine scene in dumbo.
Bawling every time.

Yep, I am that kind of a man. 6.5 feet tall in his late 20s, that cries at every romantic moment in the movie. At least, every movie by Pixar and Ghibli.
On the other hand, just one joke that has to do with sex/bathroom ruins everything in mast cases. So, unfortunately, many DreamWorks movies do not apply.

Btw, the chieftain now becomes a really attractive character. His doubts do not make him look hesitant – rather I start believing now, that he is a chief by authority, not just by birth.

Oh man, Ghibli films! There are some scenes that, no matter how many times I see them, I can feel my eyes tear up when they come on the screen.

I’m glad you like the chieftain’s character development. I started him out flat and have been trying to round him out as we went.

As far as your dream contest goes, believe me that it’s probably best if I keep my dreams to myself as sadly the ones I remember the best are the night terrors. lol!

As far as making me cry at a movie – hell i am such an emotional wreck it seems, i cry at times that I shoudl’nt be. Compassion will do it, death of a loved one…overcoming overwhelming odds…the list goes on.

I like the layout of this a lot.

I tend to get choked up at a lot of things… Man of Steel gave me feels, for crying out loud. I don’t actually cry, though. I just get something in my eye. 😉

Robin. Everyone deserves help. (Ignoring the obvious objections.)

Crying at things…. I do, sometimes. It’s a big hit-and-miss with me as well and very situational. I’m more likely to cry the first time I watch something because I haven’t prepared for it. Sometimes things are so beautiful or sad that they ‘move’ me.

I think, right now, the best example would be when I watched SAO. Okay, it’s an anime, not a movie, but it’s pretty much the same. One of the episodes, halfway through, a very important character dies. The main character spends the whole thing trying to bring her back and ultimately fails. At the end of the episode, he gets a posthumous message on Christmas Eve, sent the previous year, predicting her death and letting him know she forgives him… and then she sings a song, a silly, cute, kids’ Christmas carol, and cue the bawling TT_______TT

I will never, ever be able to hear Rudolph the same again.

OOf! That sounds like an intense episode. Even more-so, if it can change the meaning of something forever.

It really was. The episode did everything to make you get seriously attached to the character, since it threw you so far into the MC’s point of view that you grew to get to know her as he did. That one simple son, hummed, fuzzed to sound like an actual recording, will stay in my memory until the day I die.

For some reason what came to mind reading all the comments on this page was a scene in Public Enemies where Billie gets arrested. Johnny Depp’s acting in that scene literally – LITERALLY – took my breath away. And I was watching the film on a tiny screen with bad audio, in an airplane. That one moment, where he sits in his car and laughs, spoke volumes about the vulnerability and helplessness he felt at that moment. I identified with it so strongly.

…. Also, if we’re talking tearjerkers — Cary Grant in the final scene of An Affair To Remember. My mom and I practically get teary just talking about it.

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