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C08P31 – For the Village

C08P31 – For the Village published on 22 Comments on C08P31 – For the Village

I’m very proud of the progress I made on fulfilling Kickstarter Backer rewards this weekend. This is a stack of SOME of the shipments that are ready to go out this week:
Over 20 boxes, most of which contain 2 books each, all of which were signed and sketched in. Whew! I’m so happy that I managed to make some serious progress on this, as my record thus far has been 8 in a week! I guess just not having DCC looming over me let me relax enough to focus on getting the advance copies out. The full volume two shipment will be available soon-ish. We’re anticipating mid-July. Want to do something fun before that launches. More info on that later in the week…

What projects have you made some exciting progress on lately?


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My tablet breathed its last a few days ago. I have about half the money needed for a replacement but not a job any time soon…I’ve been forced to postpone the release of the prologue of the first chapter of my webcomic. Bummer!
On the upside, I’ve been struck in the head with inspiration (literally, my brother took a block, wrote ‘inspiration’ on it and then threw it at me) and I’ve been busily writing an urban fantasy to ease my guilt about not releasing my webcomic when I wanted to.

MAN, I’m still anticipating a fave character dying here and I don’t want that.

Glad to hear that the Kickstarter is progressing so well!

I can’t really claim any major projects that have come off like I wanted. Still playing catch up from the last week of school, and praying that the burst of inspiration comes back to me for that story I started!

Holy COW that’s a lot of boxes. Awesome job, Robin! Wait, what’s that word I see in the author commentary — “relax?” What is this “relax” of which you speak? Perhaps you should do some field studies of it and illustrate its benefits to us.

(Read: Oh my God please get some sleep soon XD)

And I’m really impressed with how much you’ve managed to develop Nikel’s character in the span of only a few pages. These past few updates have really fleshed him out, and given us insight into an adversary who’s turning out to be much more interesting than we’d first thought.

As for personal projects, I’m excited — just hit the halfway mark on my manuscript, and am in the middle of planning some mid-course corrections so I can finish this sucker. (And by “corrections” I mean “How much of this do I NOT have to throw out and redo?” which so far is… maybe 10%. But that’s okay XD)

Haha! “Relax” in the sense that 70% of my processing power isn’t absorbed into fretting about EVERYTHING. Not, I suppose, in the sense that most people think of when someone says “relaxation”. Is it sad, that not worrying = relaxed for me? Yes. Yes it is.

(And I will try on the sleep thing, but no guarantees.)

One of the things that I really love about making a webcomic is that I get real-time reader interaction. All this material with Nikel was something I knew about him, but I wasn’t originally going to show it. However, once I saw the reactions to the character, I realized that while I knew he had more dimensions, readers did not. So I expanded this chapter to include more of his side.

And congrats on the halfway milestone!! And if all you have to change is 10%, you are ROCKIN!! Way to go!

As usual, biting my nails at this page.

I’m really excited because the writing group I started on DA is actually successful!

Exciting progress would DEFINITELY be my petsite. I finally found a programmer (almost) as dedicated to the project as I am, so, after more than five years of plotting and research and looking for such, it’s finally turning into a reality ^_^ We’ll probably be hitting closed beta before winter. It’s a great feeling.

On another note, is there a deadline you need the fanart for your break by? I want to supply some, but I have other things on my plate too, so I need to know where on my priority list it belongs…

Ritual gear is very rarely a good sign.

I haven’t really got any big projects going on, but of smaller ones I’ve been working on getting my piles of unread/watched/played media down and recording my opinions about them on tumblr. I’ve been working on doing a bit of digital art again though. Slow and steady progress on everything pretty much.

I’ve recently gotten back into the swing of writin my original novel, an urban fantasy affair about a young man who finds out he’s a half-elf and his father has been keeping it hidden for him, and finds himself being pursued by a radical religious hate group that has found out about the existence of the supernatural…

It’s fun, I really went out of my usual comfort zone and surprisingly, writing it is easier than writing some of the things I’ve started int he past. It was on hold for quite a while but it’s starting to move forward again. I also moved up to the next-higher line on my job so I uess you could count that as a project, but not really a personal one.

A game based on FATE system is also in the works to start up for my friends, so I’m pretty excited about that as well.

You sound busy with a lot of fantastic things!! And bravo for going outside of the comfort zone – that’s a great way to learn, and learn a lot!

I’m always doing something, it’s finishing that’s the hard part. Leaving my comfort zone was awkward (it’s very rare that the things I write are totally original since I write mostly fanfiction and even my original writing usually has a fan-core at its base) but a lot of fun and very liberating, and even though I made a decision to use D&D fantasy as a basis versus making up EVERYTHING by myself, I’m not letting my ‘source material’ define me, either. Letting myslef get a little political, as well as this being the first story I’ve written with a non-het pairing as the main focus, it was really odd at first but the characters I think are what drew me to continue writing. DOes anyone else have that experience, where a character just starts dragging you along and you find you just can’t stop once they get hold of you?

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