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C08P28 – Reward

C08P28 – Reward published on 18 Comments on C08P28 – Reward

So you all have managed to convince me that maybe it would be okay to take a break. So at the end of the chapter, which will wrap up in July, I’ll take a week break. But I don’t want to leave the site without providing some content. There are some options. I could post some character development sketches for new cast that will be in future chapters. We could do features on existing cast members, discussing how they were developed. Could feature fan-art and fan-fiction. Could do “ask characters a question” features…I’m sure there are other options, but those are what’s coming to mind.

What do you think? What would you enjoy the most during the end-of-chapter break?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Aaaah wow I love that cave painting style of all the different entities wanting to use Kali, I love how Nikel and everyone is seeing her so black and white an artifact of the gods and not a person.

“What would you enjoy the most during the end-of-chapter break?” KNOWING THAT YOU WERE ON BREAK–so use whatever comes to hand first.

Honestly, you’re such a hard worker that just knowing you’re propping your feet up and relaxing for a while is all that’s needed. No worries! If you truly feel the need, then some guest art or guest comics could be easily scheduled 🙂 You’ve accomplished an amazing work of art and literature! I think you deserve some good ol’ fashioned R&R.

Again, jealous of your style changes. IT’S SO FANCY.

I like the character development idea, but nothing is necessary. Take a breeeeeeeeak.

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