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C08P25 – Noble va Naza

C08P25 – Noble va Naza published on 17 Comments on C08P25 – Noble va Naza

Another amazing Denver Comic Con has come and gone this weekend and we broke our sales record! Thank you so much to everyone that visited the booth, whether you just discovered us or were returning from years past. Thank you also to all the wonderful people that brought small tokens and gifts. I was very touched by all of them and amazed at your generosity.

There was so much that happened this weekend, so here are some highlights:

  • Participating in a panel on Kickstarter & Indie Comics with Amy Reeder (5 days left on her Kickstarter for “Rocket Girl”!!), Jeremy Whitley (Princeless), and Jamal Igle (Molly Danger). Jamal was, in particular, fantastic to chat with and had lots of great stories and interesting points.
  • Chatting with Christopher Jones a regular artist for DC’s Young Justice, among other things.  Very friendly fellow!
  • Meeting local artists like Zak Kinsella (who was generous enough to share two great issues of his work “Midspace” with me!), Dan Connor of Crazy Good Comics, Jim Miller of Dreamers Ink, and receiving a lovely copy of “Castle Whatsitsname” from the very talented Kira Woodmanee!
  • Being visited by both Mr. R and some of the students from Mr. R’s 4th grade class that I presented to earlier this year! These kids are seriously THE BEST. EVER.  Must come from having such a great teacher.  🙂
  • Seeing Kirsten (hoping I spelled that right) again, and she gave me another one of her fantastic charms!!  I swear, all the good luck I’ve had lately is coming from her.
  • Seeing James who has been an unending source of encouragement and support.  Thank you so much for visiting us!!
  • Spending a little time with artist friends like the irrepressible Nami,  and the wonderful team behind The Class, Jaysen and Jessi!  Cory ran a panel with them on diversity in webcomics that was a real exciting discussion!
  • Catching up with Webcomic Pioneers folk like Scooter and Liam from LIFE Under Construction (they made a comic just for DCC and got it signed by four of the major con celebrity guests, including George Takei and William Shatner — who got a good laugh out of the comic he was signing!) and Shawn of the Specialists.  I’m sure Kevin Gentilcore was there too, but I unfortunately did not have the chance to swing by and visit.
  • Seeing podcast/video blogs/media extravaganza friends like Michelle from Girls of Geek 12, Chris from The Geek Path, and Josh from Points of Interest (he was kind enough to interview me during Comic Fest (it starts at 51:41)!)!
  • And of course I would be remiss if I neglected to mention the always wonderful, always inspiring, always fantastic Chris Oatley.  I sent everyone I could his way, because if there is one person you should not miss the opportunity to meet, it’s Chris.  Thanks also to Shawna Calder Tenney, AJ Nazzaro and Ajay Jung for being so welcoming and enthusiastic.  Oatley’s Army!!  Pens at the ready!


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Uh…am I imagining things or are the comments blocks the wrong color…(Or am I just that unobservant to this point?

Wait! How has Tama gotten through the grill?

awhorl, below, said everything that I could have & better. So I’ll just direct you there. 🙂

That makes sense, but I’d rather say that I miss the point when they the guards are entering. Also, the guard that hits Tama does it precisely from the side where Zhiro was standing on the previous strip. So, there ave been lots of movements between these two strips that we are missing. I mean, imo, that was a little too fast for me.

Thanks for the link Robin! You’re an inspiration and it was wonderful to talk to you again! I really want to bring your books with me on vacation in a week, but I’m so afraid of losing them. Great expressions on today’s strip, by the way!

Congrats on all the sales!

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