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C08P24 – No more time for lies

C08P24 – No more time for lies published on 16 Comments on C08P24 – No more time for lies

Holy cow I am dead on my feet right now and even more brain-dead. In…in my brain. At the moment. So no discussion from me today. I’m sorry for not answering comments on the last two posts yet — I’ve been running around non-stop getting all the final bits and pieces done for Denver Comic Con which starts FRIDAY! Whooooo! If you’re visiting the fine city of Denver for this event, please stop by Artist Valley Table A6 for a free sketch!

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Man I really wish I was visiting my friend in Littleton this weekend…I’d come find you! LOL!

Good Luck and I hope all goes well!

I wonder what Dreameater meant by that before she cut him off?

You’ve pulled of the perfect dramatic irony here as only the reader who really knows that it is Dreameater who is taking, not Zhiro. I really like the look that Tama and Mizha share as they don’t know what Dreameater is talking about either.

What I find the most interesting is the Dreameather himself doesn’t like the bargain either, which is pretty uncommon in mythology. Usually gods/powers love taking advantage of their followers in any way they can…

Just now found your comic, but after a few pages I had to skip ahead to post a comment. Creating an entirely new culture is a mark of pure creativity and genius, but if you do it wrong it can get too over complicated and hard to keep things straight. That being said, i LOVE YOUR COMIC. Literally the only criticism I have so far is that on ch2p21, the dude in yellow loses his beer gut in the last panel. I am extremely picky, and nit pick with a fine tooth comb, so that means the rest of your comic is Flawless. Thank you. Thank you so much.

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