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C08P20 – Let’s be honest

C08P20 – Let’s be honest published on 13 Comments on C08P20 – Let’s be honest

Good ol’ Timu hearing. Does Dreameater know Kali can hear them? And is he saying all this for her benefit? Maaaaaaybe…

Been a bit of a difficult week for me. Running into some nasty old patterns. But I’ve been very fortunate with friends and readers who have written to me lately with a lot of kindness and support. I’ve had people tell me that I’ve inspired them to start writing again for the first time in years, or that they’re drawing again. I’m still very uncomfortable with the idea of anyone viewing me as an inspiration. I think that surely there’s somebody better than me, and that someday I’m going to inevitably let everyone down. But at the same time, that’s what I want to do with my life. I want to share my stories with you, and encourage you in turn to share your stories with others. I want to speak in more schools, because children have so much life and energy and creativity and talent, and so often it is stifled by more “serious” work, by impossible perfectionism, and by invalidating comments. I want to be a validating person. I would like to encourage and inspire and cultivate, because there is so much beauty in the world that is never born, because we snuff it out before it has a chance to grow.

Nobody has exactly the same experience in life as another person. We each have a story, or stories, that have elements wholly unique to us. Sure, many of them bear similarities — we are all human, all cut from the same basic cloth — but the way we see the world is something we can never fully share with someone else. Storytelling is the closest we can come, to letting someone else see through our eyes. And that makes it the rarest gift of all.

I find other people creating very inspiring. I get excited when I hear someone has a new idea, a new concept, a new theme they wish to explore. It feels like a new ray of sunlight is being born into the world. That something beautiful and new is being formed. And I love that in some small way I can be a part of that, even if it’s just to listen, and witness, and celebrate that birth.

What do you find inspiring?


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I also find other creators inspiring, especially when they follow through on the initial excitement of their projects.

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a difficult week. I’ve been in a bad place this last week, too, and I’m working my way out of it. I hope you can conquer your self-doubts. I’m aiming to kick the shit out of mine, but it’s an ongoing, lifelong process and I let the suckers sneak back up on me lately.

You are an inspiration. Nothing you could do would let us down because it’s evident how much of yourself you put out there in everything you do. Thank you.

Sorry to hear the week got you down.

I know what you mean about feeling like I’m letting others down. been in that corner way too many times for my liking.

I’ve been happy to feel the tinglings of my muse coming back to life FINALLY (I mean it’s been nearly two years since I could write something beginning to end).

I’ve got an idea kicking around in my head and am hoping to be able to pull an ever so small coup on my ever so reluctant mind.

I’m not quite sure if I will follow through, but I am looking forward to trying…

Been researching sites and everything – THAT is a good sign for me!

As far as the page? Yeah I think Dreameater did take into account her acute hearing.

That’s exciting!!! I’m glad the creative spark has returned to you! Research stage is always a good sign for me too. Especially since most research usually sparks more ideas! What are you researching, or do you want to keep it on the down low right now?

I’m currently researching Greenland as a backdrop for the story I’m considering. Someplace cold, isolated, with a small population.

I’m hoping to make it into a true horror story, but I don’t want to reveal too many details in a public forum (Should that short circuit my muse.)

I’ve got about 3-4 pages written of major scenes with several more to write and then I’m going to start tying them together.

It should be a short story (but I’ve said that before and ended up with novels – cough – Devil’s Own – Cough.).

Will see how it goes. If it looks like it’s going to make it through the creative throes I will probably post it on Fictionpress (Or depending upon how good I feel about it I might offer it up as a downloadable short on Kindle).

Hi! I sincerely love your work, and this is the first time I’ve posted anything.
I tried to email you, but the address was invalid (according to my gmail). Could you please give out your email again? Thanks!

*chuckles* You ARE my inspiration, Robin.The webcomic to be is slow going mostly because every time I get into a good rhythm Erik cries and by the time I get him calm again I’ve lost focus. (Kudos to any creators with children…how on earth do you do it!?!) But I’ve been painting lately and am actually very proud of my work, which is stupefying. That NEVER happens. But, more than your work, which is awesome, its your constant encouragement to EVERYONE. It’s… I don’t even have a word for it. You’re awesome.

What do I find inspiring…life? Everything? I’ve made it a practice in the last few years to look at everything around me in terms of how it could be used in art. The pattern on that comforter would make a great pattern for a pet at Tolan Fields; I’ll have to remember the way in which that old door is falling apart, it’d make a great reference but I don’t have my camera with me; the elegance of that lamp is giving me ideas for a crystal dragon; and of course, constantly, facial expressions! My friends accuse me of collecting them.

Anything and everything can be an inspiration if you look at it right. It’s more a question of what sort of inspiration you’re looking for *evil grin*

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