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C08P19 – Good

C08P19 – Good published on 17 Comments on C08P19 – Good

I really enjoy writing for Dreameater, as he’s an interesting combination of a frivolous troublemaker and weary old man. As a result, you never know what kind of response you’re going to get. I certainly don’t think Mizha expected this one.

I wanted to return to the series I started a little bit ago, going through old work from when I was a kid. When I was 12, I was obsessed with the Redwall Series. I had just lost my home to a fire, and I think the idea of these tiny creatures with stout hearts and pure natures triumphing over terrible odds really appealed to me. I wrote a story (the first of many iterations) about a blue-furred wizard cat named “Larth” (I’ve always been terrible at naming things) that took many style cues from Brian Jacques. My mother wrote to him and sent a copy of this story. This is the letter he sent back:
The type is a form letter, but the hand-written note reads: P.S. Robin. I have read your mum’s lovely letter. One thing shines through it all Robin, you are a true warrior! Courage, fortitude, love of your family, and of literature. If I had a daughter, I would dearly love her to be just like you. Robin, you and your great mother make me feel proud – and humble to have encountered two brave spirits! P.P.S. Keep writing, you have good talent! – Brian

In April, I gave a presentation at a local elementary school to a fantastic group of students. Unfortunately, one student could not make it that day, and he wrote me a letter asking some questions. Writing that letter felt like bringing something important in my life full circle. To be able to give someone else something that I had been given, and pass on that encouragement and excitement. (And like the big sap I am, I’m tearing up a little just thinking about it – It was a big moment for me!) I very much hope that young man found my letter as invigorating and inspiring as the one I was fortunate enough to receive. Brian may no longer be with us in body, but he lives on both in his books, and in the giving and generous spirit he shared with me, and that I now try to give in turn to others.

What have you been able to bring full circle in your life? What gifts have you been given that shared in turn with others?


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Again, Dreameater has a good point. The creepy god is shaping up to be the most sensible person in this arc.

Awww! Brian Jacques was such a good man.

If ever I publish something that’s child-appropriate (unlikely, but still), I’d like to send a copy back to my old elementary school (if it’s still standing). I don’t like most of what I learned there, but at the same time, my teachers recognized my talent for creating and encouraged that. And I had plenty of free time to write, so I learned good creating habits.

When I’ve started studying in university, there have been a calculus class. I wasn’t good at it, have been failing the tests, and thought that the assistant that taught us regards me as an idiot. In the end of the semester, he came to me and asked: “Excuse me, I see that you have a mathematical thinking, so I don’t get, why are you writing your tests that bad.”

Several years after that, in another country, I, already a PhD student, was sitting in my new institute, when the same man – now a professor – entered the door. I came to him and asked: “Excuse me, do You remember me. You’ve said once, that I have a mathematical thinking.” He did remember me.

DreamEater reminds me of ed’Rashekaresket somehow… A main character in Diane Duane’s Deep Wizardry who has somehow stayed with me the most out of any of the characters Nita met in that book, and has influenced so much of my writing.

Ed had that whole double-sided personality thing going. He wasn’t so much of a trickster – more edgedly realistic, I think. He had sarcasm and a strange sense of humor and an odd way of twisting words. But he was also very old, and feeling his age, and it made him bitter and unpredictable… much like Dreameater.

A character reminding me of Ed…. You’re an awesome writer, to accomplish it. Ed’s one of my favorite characters in the series, and probably also in fiction. A lot like Dreameater, he was a dark ‘god’ who never was entirely what he seemed, a masterful killer who saw himself not as a bringer of distress or pain, but as an ender of it.

This book and character sound awesome and I’m looking them up on Amazon RIGHT NOW because MORE BOOKS FOR READING LIST!!

Read the first one first! Some of the first editions of the books have some timeline issues since each book took place the year it was written and she’s still writing books but only 2 years actually passed during the seires, so she put out a new edition setting everything in modern day. You can get it from her website, but… I prefer the originals.


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