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C08P18 – Apology

C08P18 – Apology published on 30 Comments on C08P18 – Apology

Personal space, Dreameater. PERSONAL SPACE.

Some really great writing advice on the previous page! Thank you to everyone that shared their tips and tricks!

I mentioned a few pages back how busy I’ve been. I’ve been noticing a lot of health issues cropping up. Back muscles that seize, chronic head-aches, insomnia, weight gain…little things that add up over time. I used to attend yoga classes, and after that Tai Chi, but haven’t done either in the last year. I’ve been devoting all of my time and money to this story and growing my small business around it, so whenever I thought about going to a class I always said “I don’t have the time,” and “I don’t have the money.” However, the stress level got so bad last week that I decided I had to do something, and the easiest way to get around those excuses was to buy a yoga DVD. Total cost: $9. And I don’t even have to leave my house or get out of my PJs to practice. No more excuses! It arrived two days ago and so far…I think I really, really needed this.

It’s amazing how much flexibility and stamina I’ve completely lost. I knew I’d lost a little, but I had no idea it was that bad. More encouragingly, I’m surprised at how much just 20 minutes of stretching can improve my mental, physical, and emotional well-being. I feel better about myself and my body, and feel more equipped to tackle the challenges of the day. I’m very excited to make yoga a part of my routine again. I’m also glad that this time it’s a solo activity. It’s allowed me to recognize some of the background noise of my mind. When I was in a class, I was always trying to push myself to be stronger, better, more precise, more correct. Had to do things perfectly. Couldn’t show any sign of strain. I told myself I was doing it for the teacher. That I was trying to make them happy. When those feelings come up when I’m alone, I realize that there was never that external pressure. It’s me, and it’s always been me. I’m certainly not going to hurt the DVD’s feelings if I don’t do things perfectly! So while I do feel a little less militantly focused, I also feel a lot more relaxed and at peace…which is kinda the point, right? 🙂

What are you doing for your personal well-being?


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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH YAY!!!!! Go Robin!! This is good to hear — self-care is super important, and ridiculously easy to leave on the back burner for too long. You never realize you’re neglecting yourself until something breaks and then you’re stuck trying to fix the pieces.

Personally, I get free counseling services included in my tuition, so I always schedule an appointment at least once a semester. More, if I feel like I honestly need to talk to someone, about anything. And kickboxing at the gym. (I’m terrible at consistently attending, but when I do, oh GOD it’s such a wonderful outlet.)

And I wish, I wish, I WISH I could record the bizarre sounds that came from my mouth as I read this page. XD

I’m a huge supporter of counseling and therapy. I’ve been seeing a therapist regularly for the past five years and would not be nearly as whole and happy without her. It’s great that your school has that service and that you take advantage of it!

Good God Dream Eater are you enjoying yourself or what YOU’RE NOT EVEN PRETENDING NOT TO OH MY GOD. You’re so bad Dream Eater. Don’t stop. I think this is the most charged exchange so far, just can’t wait to see what’s coming next, where it’s going, and how they react to each other. Something gives me the impression Zhiro hasn’t spoken plainly to Mizha before; even if I didn’t know about the racial barrier I would be able to get that impression from their body language.

It’s funny how ill many people care for themselves, yet are very giving to others.

Me, I’m once again at my heaviest, so i’m cutting back on some foods.
I also have a chiropractor who is amazing and helps keep me healthy with more than just chiropracty.If you ever meet someone who practices TBM…it’s really cool.
I’ve also been walking more – just 30 mins a day is said to make all the difference.

Does she NOT realize that Zhiro is not himself? Is she that blinded? I mean really Zhiro never acts this forward, like EVER.

I can see why you’re frustrated, and to be fair, if this conversation was happening with Tama, he’d probably ask a lot more questions about what was really going on. In Mizha’s case, she’s much more concerned with trying to fix whatever he’s angry at, than to question why his behavior is unusual. He’s angry. Angry people, especially those that are usually quiet people, can act very strange when they finally lose their temper. I’ve had a lot of quite friends that become unholy, terrifying monsters when you finally break their calm. I’ve had boisterous, happy-go-lucky friends turn into ice-cold terminators. And I’ve seen people become passive-aggressive, vicious snipers when pushed too far. From Mizha’s perspective, she pushed Zhiro too far, and now she needs to figure out how to make it right. To her mind, she already knows why he’s acting so strangely: She hurt him deeply and should make up for it.

See I could understand if it was just anger coming off of him, but the cozying up to her he’s doing…

But yeah I can see that she’s blinded by the idea that she’s to blame for his odd swing in moods.

I guess being an outsider to the issue makes me see a bit more clearly what’s going on.

Malepartus and I were talking last night and we realized something — has ANYONE ever spoken to Mizha like this before? So frank and in-her-face? Tama’s the kind of guy who would say exactly what’s on his mind in the most blunt way possible, but he’s also her brother, so socially speaking he has permission to do that; Zhiro obviously would NEVER do that in a million years, and even if he can’t, probably wouldn’t try it due to the racial barrier; their father seems… too distant for it; and pretty much everyone else is of an entirely different social class, so it’s doubtful they’d dare behave this way toward someone who’s essentially an imperial princess.

While I can’t say I do much “active” self care I’m a firm believer in doing things I enjoy. Not necessarily something big, just making sure I have a day where I can grab a comic from my pile or play a game or whatever else I might feel like.
That and having somebody willing to listen to my complaining usually covers it these days.

Watching the sun come up in the swimming pool every morning. If I feel like it I swim; if I don’t, I just walk around in the water. But there’s something very centering about greeting the new day alone.

Mizha really IS oblivious, isn’t she? When you’re so focused on yourself, it’s hard to see what’s going on around you. It’s amazing how realistic your characters are.

‘Stress drawing’, I’ve recently discovered, is extremely therapeutic. When I’m struggling with coloring or flagwork or just feel super out of it, I find something to draw on and with, sit down and just draw whatever. It doesn’t even have to be serious, it just needs to take my mind off things. I often find that by the time I’m done I feel MUCH better. A hot shower or a cup of tea also works wonders, as well as watching Youtube parodies or a comedy movie. There really is truth to the saying ‘laughter is the best medicine’!

I made the mistake of telling my adopted brother that we both needed to lose weight. I compounded that mistake by telling him he didn’t have a choice, he was going to work out with me. He took that as a challenge, and has decided that (being English) he was putting us on the workout regiment that his rugby team used… I’m too proud to back down. I am soooo screwed.

I discovered a few months back that the martial arts class I’d just started taking was really helping my art as a side-effect. It provided me a forced escape from hermit-ing, provided time to forcibly clear my mind while I focused on the physical, and strengthened my wrists – which made my hands steadier, hooray for inking taking a third the time! Unfortunately it’s expensive, so once my free month was up, it got shelved until I can afford to start taking classes properly.

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