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C08P16 – People forget that

C08P16 – People forget that published on 14 Comments on C08P16 – People forget that

My favorite part about this page is Dream Eater’s grousing about how people forget he can’t see the future. I imagine he’s been asked questions of this nature a lot, and I do wonder if, on occasion, he’s ever thrown a hissy fit about it. I’m guessing yes. “ZHONA ZHI, if you wanted fortune telling, ask my evil twin sister! GAH! What do I look like, a bowl of runes? Maybe some dice? I deal in FACTS people! HISTORY. Heard of it? No? MAYBE YOU SHOULD READ A ZHAKING BOOK THEN!”

I’m in a place where I keep thinking “after THIS is done, I’ll be less stressed,” only to discover that what was over the hill was a BIGGER HILL. Wheeeee! Maybe I’ll feel better after my final in my MBA course. Day job + LeyLines + Convention Prep + Kickstarter stuff + OCT judging is a lot on its own. Adding in MBA course tips the scales just a liiiiiiiitttle too far into crazy town. BUT once that’s done, no class for the summer. Judging is done for this round on the OCT. And the books for backers and Denver Comic Con arrived Saturday, so that’s a weight off my mind…except now I have to put sketches in all those books…KS artist editions SEEMED like such a good idea at the time!!

Maybe it’s just that time of the year? Is anybody else going a little crazy, or is it just me?


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Oh man, wow, you’re doing like twenty things more than I could ever handle in a month. You need a secretary. Um. We love you!! We send you POSITIVE ENERGY BY THE TRUCKLOAD! *broadcasts positive energy*

I do hope you’re still managing to get enough sleep on top of all that. Uh… gosh I have no idea what the average reader might do to help you with that, but if you think of anything, let us know and people will pounce on it. The Robinator deserves to not be driven nuts by workload if at all possible.

Also the theoretical Dreameater Hissy Monologue made me burst out laughing, thank you for that. Such a fantastic mental image XD

*laughs hysterically at the idea of getting enough sleep*

Yay, positive energy! That’s one of the best things anyway. And I hope backers continue to be patient as I get everything ready and sent out. Other than that, there’s not much I can ask for. Other than people sharing LeyLines with friends, but I know lots of LeyLians do that already!! 🙂

She hasn’t quite got the gist that this isn’t Zhiro she’s talking to anymore.

If your friend had a life-threatening fever and started acting and talking oddly, would you assume god possession?

Have I mentioned that this is kind of an interesting take on the god-possession trope, in that Mizha DOESN’T instantly recognize something is wrong? I never would have thought to have her continue to believe she’s talking to Zhiro — and yet the fact that she does makes complete sense. And RAMPS UP THE tENSION SNJLFHSJNJIFLshfjek. Super-kudos for the fresh take on a familiar plot twist idea.

I wanted to play with that idea. In mannerisms, Dreameater is very different than Zhiro, but it’s not like his voice or body significantly change. Even in a world where a select few can call on a god, if I was in Mizha’s shoes, I wouldn’t jump to “possession.” I’d assume something was very wrong, emotionally, and be so focused on fixing the problem that I’d never consider I wasn’t still talking to the same person.

In a world where gods can reach out and touch you? And Zhiro hasn’t shown himself to have that kind of humor lately? I might keep The suspicion in the back if my head. She doesn’t appear to be that close to him despite his attempts otherwise. She probably doesn’t know how close he is to his god.

You’re right, Mizha’s not actually all that close. She’s a little too wrapped up in her own issues. She also hasn’t seen him much for the past five years. Tama went to “University” and Zhiro went to the Dreameater temple. Mizha stayed home to take care of her mother. A lot can change in that amount of time, doing vastly different things.

I love this page because it opens so many things that COULD happen, which makes it a peeerfect webcomic page since we have little choice but to take the time to speculate on where it may be going. Is DreamEater going to let Mizha think he’s Zhiro for a while? When she does figure it out, is Mizha going to understand what must have occurred for her to be talking to a god in Zhiro’s mouth? Is he going to spill the beans on all the feelings Zhiro has for her that she’s been too oblivious to even know about? IS HE GOING TO HIT ON HER? I think we all kind of hope he’s going to hit on her my god that would open some draaamaaaaaaa.

Besides the obvious levels of epic that are Dreameater in this page, something about the way you’ve posed Mizha makes her seem very sweet. ALL THE BETTER, MWAHAHA!

I’m just gonna have to repeat what’s already been said about Mizha not realising Zhiro’s possessed; the last page leaves you assuming that she will instantly realise – but its probably just unrealistic expectations trained into your mind by other comics, where if something is wrong, and the reader knows it is wrong, the slightest hint to the protagonists has them suddenly jumping to the correct conclusion straight away. Having Mizha not realise isn’t only realistic, it carries the tension on too. Tension which is continuing to kill me. XD

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Dream Eater seems more like the type to prank people who ask him to tell the future, by making up some phony prediction.

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