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C08P15 – You can talk to me

C08P15 – You can talk to me published on 29 Comments on C08P15 – You can talk to me

And here you were thinking it wasn’t going to get worse. Where there are deals with gods, things can always get worse.

I’m really excited for the newest addition to the store – My Mushroom Cards!! While I love putting my characters into situations of doom and gloom, it was an absolute delight to take a break from drama and draw something that was just charming and fun! They’re just such cute little critters, it made me happy just to draw them. I really hope they do well, because I’ve already had so many ideas for other stories and I’d love to keep expanding the series!

Each image has been made into a 5×7 greeting card. I think of this as the Summer Series, a time when sweet berries are ripening on the branch, the lush green of the woods plays with the light of the warm sun, and the breeze carries the sounds of music and laughter. Each individual card is $4, but I’ve also collected one of each design into a Set of 4 for $15! Here’s some of the designs!


Please consider purchasing a set or single! Thank you for your support!


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Let me guess, God-boy is going to be all ‘Marry me, and I’ll save Zhiro!’, and she is going to be all ‘Fine, but I need time first!’, and he is going to be all ‘Yes, we shall marry at the full moon.’… Or what was that time he kept repeating in her dreams?

Key point in what you just said: “In her dreams.” If everyone in real life acted the way they did in my dreams, I’d have a very strange life indeed!

I love the lighting and the angle on that first page. It’s extremely dramatic.

And those mushroom cards are so cute! They remind me of Beatrix Potter’s illustrations, especially the weight lifting mushroom.

Those mushrooms! They’re so. Damn. Cute! I particularly love the first two, the first one especially. That’s adorable!

This page has me practically drooling too. The suspense is absolutely killing me! I agree with Bukittyan that the first panel is exceptionally staged, and the eyes in that last panel – gosh they’re fantastic. The dialogue is just spot-on too, it’s enough to send shivers up your spine! Win!

Well! As if things weren’t complicated enough… somehow I don’t think Dreameater is going to appreciate Zhiro being killed. Dreameater took that “I’ll pay any price” seriously didn’t he?

As you’ve pointed out that we’ve only seen the real Dreameater twice and neither of those times where in Mizha’s dreams, It’ll be very interesting to see her reaction to meeting the actual Dreameater.

Am I allowed to swear in here because I can’t hold the FEELS from that last panel omg Robin I will grab your collar and shake you for the emotions you inspire in me while throwing my headback and baaing.
And then we’ll “go to the museum”! That’ll be nice.
Man the layout and timing is perfect, and I cannot wait to see what dialog is to come after everything you’ve set up.

ohohoho I am LOVING this new development. I’m at school right now and basically started giggling and clapped my hands together. I always get so excited when Dream Eater is around.

now I shall chant to myself.


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