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C08P12 – The right thing

C08P12 – The right thing published on 11 Comments on C08P12 – The right thing

2 out of 3 elders agree…Shadow Monks and Lightbringers deserve swift and sudden ends.

I’ve talked about the gods quite a bit in the Volume One Extras, so I tend to forget that many of you reading on the site don’t have a lot of the extra goodies on the gods of this world. We’ll be getting to some of the reasons this particular tribe hates Light Bringers and Shadow Monks so much, so I won’t talk about that here, but I will link some pieces from previous pages together for ya.

There are two sets of gods – the ancient nature gods and the Mysteries. Most of this world’s culture knows the nature gods as the four indulgences. This is actually a corruption/appropriation by Visionaries of their original forms. You’ll notice in the Raviki Temple that the bird god is not alone – there are also statues dedicated to the ram, frog, and bear. The Mysteries, on the other hand, are considered by the tribe (and Kali) to be evil. The four mysteries are Vision, Dream Eater (served by Shadow Monks), The Rainbow Goddess (served by Blood Moths), and Bone Matron (served by Bone Sisters and Snake Sisters like Kali’s mother).

While all four are from the same pantheon, Vision and Dream Eater are generally worshiped in Itsuri, while the Rainbow Goddess and Bone Matron hold dominion in Pwama. Regardless of the faction, the Raviki tribe considers all Mysteries and their servants to be evil, false gods. But, for reasons we’ll dive into later, they have a particular hatred of Shadow Monks.


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Okay, I’m a little lost: the tribe hates all Mysteries, right? But if that’s the case, how come Kali, who is a member of the tribe, receives visions from Bone Matron?
Sorry I have to ask this but it does bother me.

Kali doesn’t have a choice as to whether or not she receives visions from Bone Matron. In fact, she actively fights them (as she did when 1st introduced in Chapter 3). However, once she opened that door as a child, it could never be shut.

It’s also something that only she and Rava know about. For very obvious reasons.

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