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C08P11 – At Sunset

C08P11 – At Sunset published on 16 Comments on C08P11 – At Sunset

So the Chief is doubling-down on his power play. Which I’m sure will make him EVEN MORE POPULAR with all of you.

Me and mah buddies at the Webcomic Alliance recently wrote an article on 5 Things We’d Do Differently in regards to webcomics. It’s sparked a lot of great discussion, which is always exciting, and made me think a lot about the importance of a support group.

As the wonderful Chris Oatley is fond of saying, “Artists are not meant to work alone.” Which seems odd, considering the classic image of an artist is the hermit shuttered away in the studio. However, having finally found a support group that I click with, I understand the impact a support group can have. To talk with people that understand both my passion and my fears, that I trust to speak their minds, but keep me from harm, it’s such an amazing feeling. I’ve never had a group I could call on for help, or ask questions of, or run an idea by. There’s such relief in that, like a safety net has been put under the tightrope. It took me a long time to find this group, a lot of reaching out, and trial-and-error, until I found a community that I connected with like this. Even longer, to participate in that community on the outside edges before being invited in. It feels like having a family, of sorts, and that’s something pretty special.

How did you find your support group? Or, if you’re still looking, what would you want in one?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

And dude if you do that, I will tell the Rain to never come again in your lifetimes and place a curse on any land to which you travel.

Just might ask why she’s got the power, maybe she’s not a tool to be used, but a force to be respected.

The creative people I’ve found that could be a support group moved away and suck at keeping touch in a meaningful way, so I’m kind of flailing. It doesn’t help that I tend be a recluse. I currently serve as a support person for some other creative types but though they try to reciprocate, somehow it’s lacking and I haven’t figured out the magic factor I need.

So, as an aside, the image of the solitary artist locked up in a studio is sort of totally imaginary. Try to think of an actual historical artist who was like that. Michelangelo, the classic obsessed artist, worked with input from his patrons and almost certainly worked with assistants at least some of the time. The Romantic era poets, who loved the image of the lonely starving artist, were mostly all the equivalent of bros (except maybe John Keats, who probably would have been a lot better off and not keeled over *quite* so young had he taken up with the others more closely). Even Van Gogh lived with and kept in close contact with fellow artists.

I’ve often wondered where the modern idea of “artist” comes from, because all the famous ones we know of were the exact opposite. They were not solitary recluses, but active in society, mingling with many classes. They didn’t demonize working for money as “selling out” – on the contrary, the main goal was to get a patron. All these odd stereotypes about “real” artists seem so strange compared with history. I wonder when, and with whom, it started?

My baby! D:

When it comes to writing, I’m a very private person. I don’t like showing anyone my WIPs, but I do like talking about writing with other people. I’ve met some nice writer friends in creative writing classes and through my tutoring job, but I really connected with the lit community on DeviantArt. I don’t socialize a lot, but I do like the people I’ve met and the talks we have. All the admins are super-nice.

I think the only sacred duty the rainmaker has right now is giving one sharp kick in the head to the man on the stairs. }=(

Support groups! There was a great LiveJournal community for a comic version of NaNoWriMo that really gave me the push I need to make Sombulus live. Many people have moved on from LiveJournal and even at its best, it was only centered around one month, so it’s not what it used to be, but I made a few friends that way that I still keep in touch with. The SpiderForest and Seraph-Inn (Sarah Ellerton’s forum) people I’ve connected with have been great, too.

Basically, I just roam from community to community, share my stuff and see who’s persistently interested in the progress of my work. It’s taken years to collect that kind of network of people, and it’s definitely harder to keep in touch when they all keep leaving the old haunts and separating out into new ones. My ideal support group exists a centralized place with enough activity that will last for more than a few months, preferably several years. But that’s a lot to ask for on the internet. =P

Yeah, that kick to the head looks sooo easy. It’s as if he’s asking for it. But I suppose Kali knows that kicking the chief down the stairs so that he breaks his neck wouldn’t improve the situation. Or maybe she just has scruples, and refuses to fight oppression with violence?

“She has angered the gods, we must sacrifice the monk, also a servant of the gods, to appease them, and not try to convince the girl who actaully brings the rain that we need her.” I think you may want to check your logic there, chief

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