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C08P10 – You can’t keep me here

C08P10 – You can’t keep me here published on 12 Comments on C08P10 – You can’t keep me here

Nothing more dangerous than a man with conviction, as a certain Shepard once said. 🙂

Cory and I were having a bit of a rotten day, so we decided to pop in one of our favorite films: The Princess Bride. We’ve both watched this so many times that we can quote every single line (including the musical cues) but despite the familiarity we discover new delight in it every time. From the very first scene, you know you’re in for something special. For some reason, the framing of the sick boy being read to by his grandfather takes what could have been just a passable, if cute, fantasy, and transforms the film into something enduring. The occasional interruptions and interjections of the child, in turn outraged or concerned, would normally take us out of the tale. Yet in this rare instance, somehow that makes it feel more real, more magical, more true. At the end, we haven’t just enjoyed a witty adventure. We’ve seen the life of a child transformed for the better. At the start, he’s a jaded youth with no patience and little tolerance for his grandfather or anything new. By the end he has a new appreciation for the world and his loved ones. His life has been enriched, as have the lives of the viewers. That’s what gives this quirky little film incredible staying power, and it captures my attention now just as much as it did when I was ten.

What’s your go-to story when you’re down, and what makes it enduring to you?


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Princess Tutu! I’ve got the DVD set of the 26 episodes of the series and I often rewatch it when I’m sick or sluggish or discouraged. It’s an anime about ballet students who live in a storybook world. The main character is really a duck disguised by a magical pendant given to her by a mischievous storyteller. As she uses the magic pendant, the Grimm Brothers-esque plot twists highlight this whole dark free-will-versus-choice motif. It’s deep, adorable, and has a happy ending, which you don’t see all three together too much in a shoujo series.

I like it when I’m down because the intro sequences begin with a grandmotherly Japanese lady unfolding more of the story. I also love the pretty costumes and the calming music, and how the only action sequences are dance-offs. 😛

Ugh, Nikel, you are really starting to get on my nerves. Even though your hair is awesome.

I tend to read Harry Potter when I’m sad. Takes me back to good times in my life, good feelings, stuff like that.

(Have you ever read the book version of the Princess Bride? It’s just as good, and there’s some extra stuff that’s pretty fantastic.)

I think Harry Potter is a classic go-to for a large portion of the most recent generation. It’s amazing what an impact that series had, and how it influenced not just books or the genre, but the world.

And I have not read the book version — would you recommend the abridged or full novel?

It’s kind of funny because earlier generations might talk about the MASH finale or something like that, whereas my generation rallies around a book. But there’s really no overstating how it’s affected my life and the life of my friends.

I’m assuming that the abridged novel just cuts out the “frame tale” (IOW, the author pretending this is a book someone else wrote that he’s “editing”). You wouldn’t be missing too much, although it’s cute.

It’s more recent, but Ouran High School Host Club works for me. It’s a screwball comedy and at the beginning of the manga series is pretty much over-the-top comedy,which is my favorite kind. Halfway through the series, she really begins to look at the different ways we care about and love people, from friendships to siblings and lovers, which makes it more than just a series of jokes. Because it’s so lighthearted, even when dealing with serious situations, it always cheers me up. Especially since all the characters really care about each other and want the best for each other, so they’ll go to great lengths to help each other find their happiness.

In recent years it has been The Venture Brothers series. Absurd, arch-villains attack, ineptly. Families fight, but reconcile. And there’s always a music reference or pop-trope skewered every few minutes.
I always wonder why Dr. Girlfriend doesn’t lose most of the idiots and take over the world herself. After all Henchman 21 has been born again-hard and is totally in love with her.
Looking forward to Season 5.

OK. I love venture brothers so much.
Just needed to say that.

I don’t think there is one film or show that I watch over others that I watch when I’m feeling down or having a bad day. I tend to just watch something I once enjoyed. one of the good things of having a bad memory, I guess, is that when you re-watch a movie, you often see new things.

Mind you, i did revisit the Emperor’s new groove several times – for all of the little easter eggs tucked inside it.

To be honest, it’s not that easy to find something that i could’ve called my go-to story. I think I can count the books I’ve re-read and the movies that I’ve intentionally watched for the second time with my both hands. The seduction of learning something new and completely different is too hard to overwhelm, even though I know very well that experiencing something “old” after a long may give not a bit less pleasure and new revelations. Yet, a NEW history book or documentary is my to-go story.

However, there is one thing that I would’ve like to experience once again. It is “Little Big Adventure” aka “Relentless”. Why? Well, I think I can’t explain even too myself.

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