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C08P06 – Seize Them

C08P06 – Seize Them published on 26 Comments on C08P06 – Seize Them

20130419_ComicFest411x500 This weekend I’ll be at Comic Fest! Part of the Star Fest, Comic Fest will be held at the Hyatt Regency DTC (Denver Tech Center) April 19 – 21. Tickets are $15 for a 3-day pass or $10 per day, and children under 6 are free. I’ll have a booth and be participating in two panels, both on Sunday, whcih are:

1:30-2:00pm Creator Spotlight Robin Dempsey – World Building for your Readers
2:00-3:00pm Kickstart Your Project!

If you’re a Denver local, please stop by and chat!


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Very stupid of Nikel. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Invent an excuse to keep her just a little longer; arrange for a tragic accident for the strangers. She might stay. She might believe his excuses because the alternative is so horrific. This way, though… he’s made a permanent enemy of a former ally.

All good points. I’m not sure if it’s a point for or against Nikel that he has no skill at manipulation, and very little ability to maintain a lie. I think he’s more comfortable doing something big and ugly, than subtle and neat.

Fair nuff, and I guess it’s not his personality I’m criticizing; more just, he has done a thing that will not help him reach his goals.

I’ll add that it’s all credible enough. I’d expect a head of state to have a certain amount of subtlety, even if they hide it under some other characteristic. The head of a tribe, though? In smaller groups, a pile of raw aggression and a handful of allies can be enough to seize and maintain authority. There are many ways to do it, but blunt aggression is one of them.

I didn’t take it as criticism, just some excellent points on leadership techniques. 🙂 I think with groups there’s also a level of routine with leaders. If one family has always led the group and seen it through troubles, there’s a certain level of assumed trust that, even if you don’t understand their actions, they must be right. That’s “just the way things are.”

Errm, “seize” is misspelled on the title and the page. (The “I before E” rule has its flaws for weird stuff.)

Good luck at the Comic Fest! =)

I am so bad with that rule. Is & Es get me every time. The only way I remember how to spell “piece” correctly is by saying “PIE -EES” in my head each time I write it.

Clearly I need to SEE-IZE a PIE-EES of improved spelling skills. 😉

Thanks for the catch!

Saddest thing about this is that our heroes can’t even put up a fight: Zhiro is injured, Mizha isn’t a fighter, Ravazhi doesn’t seem like much of a fighter either. Tama and Kali could put up a fight, I guess, but I doubt they could take on an entire tribe, especially when they have to protect the others. Things are looking very bleak for them D8

Subtly attempting to get them away from witness failed? IMMEDIATELY REVEAL TRUE MOTIVES.

Hey, Robin, a question for YOU! (A question from a reader? Sudden revsrsal!) How did you come up with the title for Ley Lines?

The concept of leylines are that there are certain major points of energy centers on the earth, connected by rivers of energy. There are certain points in the world map that are significant. To give you a slight spoiler…long ago all of those points were in proper alignment, but two hundred years ago something happened that disrupted the leylines of this world. Discovering what happened, and how to solve the problems this causes, will be part of the challenges facing our heroes in the course of this story.

That’s certainly an effective way to come up with a unique and recognizable title! Unfortunately, I myself tried a similar method (using key plot points/concepts) and shortly after finding one that worked great I discovered that there was already a TV series hy that name and consequently scrapped the title to avoid confusion. Do you have any advice on creating titles?

Don’t worry too much if a title has been used. In most cases you cannot copyright a title. It’s good to think about, to avoid bad associations, but no title can be “taken.”

In general for titles, aim for 1to 2 words. Avoid difficult to pronounce proper nouns. Consider turns of phrase that may suggest a mood or hint at the purpose of the story. And give yourself plenty of time to debate. Titles are tricky and the 1st thing many people will use to judge your work before they’ve read a single page. They’re worth leaving a long time for consideration.

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