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C08P03 – You can’t

C08P03 – You can’t published on 25 Comments on C08P03 – You can’t

I wanted to thank you all for sharing your book recommendations a while back. I picked up some Garth Nix books and am really enjoying them. It’s so nice to have a book to read for pleasure. I’m not really a “fun” person (or at least, I do not like most of the activities people typically call “fun”) but I do have certain things that I enjoy. I enjoy quiet nights where it’s cold outside and I’m inside wrapped in a blanket with a cup of tea and a good book. I enjoy thoughtful, engaging conversation about philosophy, psychology, humanity, and above all stories. I enjoy, quite obviously, writing and drawing. I enjoy being at my booth at comic cons, an experience I find exhilarating and invigorating. I don’t think of any of these things as “fun” – that word seems reserved for much more high-energy activities, which have their own kind of pleasure, but absolutely wear me out.

What do you enjoy the most, and would you call it fun?


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My husband and I have very different ideas of fun. For me sitting at the computer writing or drawing is completely pleasurable, while hubby needs to do something active and outdoorsey in order to feel like he’s “relaxing”.

I indulge him his…going with him on the trips he plans, but like you I find that I’m not really relaxed, just exhausted.

I’m perfectly happy puttering around the house….

All that stuff sounds fun to me! I also like walking around outdoors, though, and I’ve been hiking with friends every weekend and that’s a lot of fun.

I suppose my atypical definition of fun is decryption. If someone writes comic text in a font too small to be readable, I can still usually recognize letter shapes and make a pretty accurate guess, and letter-substitution languages are pretty easy to crack. I love figuring out languages I don’t know using the clues I have in inflection, frequency of words, and similarities to word roots I do know. And I love graphic design projects that people dump a bunch of information on me for me to do something meaningful with. Basically, making order out of chaos!

You’d think this would also mean that I find cleaning and organization fun, too, but this is sadly not the case. =P

I love a good walk! Cory and I live near several nice paths and I’m very excited that spring is on its way! The nights are getting warm enough for a stroll again!

I can relate to the order out of chaos feeling. I really like organizing book shelves, although not enough to do it often. Still, if there’s a chore to do, I like setting things in order the most. It’s almost like a big puzzle.

Let’s see…fun?
Video games, drawing, editing (I know…odd), sculpting, but most definitely reading …and horse back riding. The latter waned for a long while after I nearly killed myself coming off her back, but re-learning how to ride at speed (safely) has been a joy. There’s this sense of…freedom. Like you can do anything, go anywhere, be anyone while you’re flying over the ground going who knows where. And reading has always been a release and escape for me. For however long I am in that book I’m transported to another world.

I also enjoy…helping people. Usually with advice. Brings me a great deal of satisfaction, though I don’t know if I’d call it “fun” per say. Thanks for the question, caused some self reflection πŸ™‚

Oh, and…you are an inspiration. I have jjust recently picked up my to-be webcomic again thanks to you. Its definitely a challenge (even finding time to work on it…holy cow infants are time consumers!) But I think its really worth it, and I found I missed it quite a bit.

I think I’m probably a lot like you in that I enjoy quieter activities. I think a lot of the fun of an activity is chasing a goal – it’s probably why normal fun activities don’t tend to interest me very much, because there is no goal to a lot of them. When I draw, the goal is to finish the image and have it be better than the previous ones. When I write, it’s to finish the writing, and have it be better than my last attempt. When I play video games it’s usually to reach level X or learn ability Y, and I don’t stay invested very long in games which are just there to have aimless fun. It’s the same problem I have with films.

…except if they’re animated. I love watching animation! It’s a shame western animation tends to be so focused on children, because the cutesy cuddly sort does get a bit tiring after a while. XD

I guess I find it hard to just enjoy an activity; productivity and fun tend to go hand in hand for me. And to make things even more pathetic, when I drink I tend to take it fairly easy because, well… if I get plastered, I won’t be productive when I get home. >.>

I guess I just like making things!

Also, reading about the universe – the big bang and that. Random.

I never thought about it that way, but I think you and I share a need to meet a goal. I also struggle to see most video games through, usually because I feel they waste time. Typically the only things that can keep me are either gaining things, or a strong narrative.

I think it’s great to enjoy making things. People that make things are the ones that improve the world instead of just consume it. Nothing pathetic about being productive!

I find everything relaxing, as long as I’m not doing it with other people*. As long as there are no other people*, relaxation happens, even at work! Problem is, people* happen to like to be where ever I am, which suprises me because I am not a people* person, and do not thing I am pleasant to be around :p

* Soulless mindless lazy talking moving annoying beings that have no relation or kinship, friend ship** to me that insist I learn things about them, when my already limited memory is maxed. Blah.

**People do not include every one, most beings have value and some indication of awesomeness. Unfortunately, there is always a People in every group to ruin it for the rest of us. :p

I think your definition of fun is mine too, though I replace the tea with coffee as my warm drink of choice! Writing, drawing, painting, reading; creating and indulging in stories or storytelling has always been fun for me. Going to museums is also fun.

And I love to dance. I started taking bellydance lessons two years ago and have loved every single minute of it. I used to love playing the piano, but since we have a small house, I don’t have the room for one. I miss playing at times, though I don’t know when I’d actually make time to play now.

You know, it’s interesting how you parallel Tama and Kali throughout this arc because, to me, Mizha and Kali seem like the more obvious choice. Both of them have subverted their dreams in the interest of duty. (Not that I don’t like it. I think it’s brilliant.)

See, that’s my idea of fun, too. I don’t like high-energy activities–at least, not for long, and not without somebody right there with me. I like things that I’ve done before and already know I enjoy.

Also, Garth Nix is amazing. Are you reading the Abhorsen trilogy? His YA books are also very good–the Keys to the Kingdom books in particular.

Kali and Tama have a lot to learn from each other because their approach to problems is so different, but their desires are similar. Mizha and Kali have similar limitations, but little in common other than what keeps them bound to others.

I am reading the Abhorsen trilogy! Love the element of sound that the author’s incorporated into the world’s culture and magic. And Sabriel is a refreshingly practical, kick-butt female character.

…and not at all because we’re trying to murder them. Perish the thought!

I pride myself on doing and enjoying a wide variety of things, though a lot of them are more solitary pursuits. I suppose the two greatest things I associate with myself are winterguard and drawing.
Winterguard’s not for everyone. It requires endurance, patience, an open mind and at least a passing acquaintance with physical fitness. A lot of people who initially join Guard drop out because they realize they either can’t keep up or aren’t compatible with the people in command. For those who manage to hold out for the whole season, however, it’s intensely rewarding. So the ‘fun’ factor of this is purely subjective.

I draw. Obsessively. At school, at home, in a resturaunt if I remember to bring a pen, in the shower with soap, on my friends…it’s certainly a.good way to unwind, as well as practice new things such as technique and character design. Even if there’s that one sketch that you can redraw a billion times but never get quite right.
What goes hand-in-hand with this (for me at least) is storytelling. It only takes an ordinary situation (watching a child paddle around in the surf) or a random train of thoughts (what would the world be like if Hitler won…?) For me to whiz ahead, build a partial world and story before remembering to finish my current comic first, storing it away for later. This is a flawed process, however, as I can forget I wrote things after editing them (My first comment on this love,y comic, in retrospect, made me sound like English was my second language) and generally making a fool of myself. But it’s a good way to pass the time!
Rambling. Anyway, I think the one thing everyone without exception enjoys is learning something new. It fills our childhood, expands our boundaries, pushes us ro higher levels. It doesn’t even have to be the sort of learning one does in school–knowing an easier way to perform a task, perhaps, or even realizing that a preconception was wrong.
…I was going to leave with a kicker, but I don’t have one. I’LL JUST LEAVE THIS HERE THEN. *runs*

I’m not familiar with what WinterGuard actually is. Could you tell me more about it?

You and I share the obsessive drawing and storytelling. I feel naked if I’m without my sketchbook, and anything can spark a story. One of the things I like about creating OCTs is that it’s a great place for me to put spare ideas that I can’t really use. πŸ™‚

Winterguard is the ‘sport of the arts’: essentially, it’s creative dance/ballet combined with flag/weapon routines with a specially designed mat and music, done indoors (look up Winterguard International; I’m terrible at describing it)

I love reading nonfiction. Period.

Is there a particular subject you enjoy the most?

Everything that has to do with evolution of some sort: of life, of societies, of languages.

This interest for evolution evokes my further interest – searching for the things that ceased to be. I search for old river beds and demolished railroads, and for the remains of previous building stages in the old buildings. As one of protagonists of a beautiful movie “Colorful” said: “Finding something that does not exist any more is like giving it a new life”. By the way, he was exploring the remains of a railroad.

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