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C08P02 – Unusual

C08P02 – Unusual published on 22 Comments on C08P02 – Unusual

A few weeks ago I posted a video in which I talked a great deal about the importance of murdering darlings. So you’d think I would have been on the lookout in my own work, but sometimes they sneak in through the window and sucker-punch you. Which inevitably leads to writer’s block, which in my case also leads to depression, which is a nasty set of stairs to fall down. Which is part of why I’ve been at the bottom of those stairs, moaning at my aching everything, for the better part of two or three weeks. BUT I have at last CAUGHT the blaggard, and things are once more moving along nicely.

The reason I didn’t catch it for so long is it by-passed most of my safeguards and disguised it as something good. I’ve gotten better at catching Darlings in the script phase, but it sidled by the defenses there without a whisper. Same with storyboarding. In fact, I got all the way to inked pages with this one, and this is where it clinched things. You see, most of the time if a bad idea gets as far as drawing, my subconscious will sabotage it as a last resort, making every drawing I attempt of the bad idea fail miserably. I do dearly love my subconscious for this quality, although it is very frustrating to deal with in the moment. However, this Darling must have paid my final gate-keeper off, because I LOVED the drawings. Which surely meant that the content was good, right? RIGHT?? Even worse, when I finally was able to identify why everything I tried to write beyond that page crashed and burned, that meant I had to destroy some of my better work in a while.

SO, since it will never see the light of day in the comic, I’m sharing the offending panel here. So below is a LeyLines that will never be. Except in an alternate dimension. Hope you enjoy it!

Have you ever gotten rid of something you liked, for the good of the whole?


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I can also see why you didn’t want to cut them. As it is, we have a bad habit of never killing our characters, so we’re working on that. -nods-

Otherwise, I cannot wait to see what happens in response to Kali saying that! 😀

Yes…. Yes I have. I’m attempting to become an author and the first of my books that I feel has a good chance of maybe getting published and it had to go through an entire overhaul. It was written in a setting that never really worked and characters that never really worked. So, I went back to the basics (the entire thing was based on a legend that had appeared in my head that was the entire frame work for the story) and restarted in a world that could be tailored to fit the story and it has worked a lot better there than it ever could have in the first version.

Rewriting is so painful!! Fortunately it’s also worth it, which is at least a consolation, but that doesn’t make it any less painful a process! Good luck with your book!!

Oh GAWD yes…I had to cut out several “darlings” from the first book I published. I have probably done it at least once or twice in each book since. It’s tough every single time too – even if it doesn’t really work for the script like you want it to. I LIKED the scenes I was cutting free – I agonized over losing them. I see the validity NOW, but at the time it was heart-wrenching!

Well Kali just threw a wrench in their plans to take the party out and handily murder them!

I had to cut an entire novel I was writing for NaNo as Simply Not Working. It sucked even more because I was really fond of the character the entire thing hinged around, and he won’t find a home in anything else I write for a very long time, I suspect.

Not literary, but I’m currently restoring my yard and its gardens from the years of neglect and mistreatment inflicted by a previous owner, and this means a lot of potential murder of plants I generally like. This week the raspberries are up for pruning, and they will either survive being tamed or I will have no raspberries. I also tore up some old garden beds, which means that any annual seeds left behind might not sprout. On the other hand, I waited until the bulbs and strawberries were up, and now that all the weeds and defacto mulch and old weed barrier are gone, they are thriving like crazy. I haven’t decided what to do with the most abused rose bush ever. Less leaves for the winter, it really looks like a monster from a nightmare. I really don’t want to accidentally kill it, because it produces very well despite absolutely everything having gone wrong with its care.

Have you ever gotten rid of something you liked, for the good of the whole?

All the time. My problem is that I don’t always have a good grasp on whether what I’m replacing it with is better or worse. I suppose that’s what editors are for. 😛


Oh, killing darlings always hurts me inside, but the fact is is that those scenes I spend time writing either end up being totally out of character, out of context or just.don’t make sense. Thus, it’s easy to identify them, if not get rid of them. I think I share your condition of sybconsciously sabotaging scenes I know won’t work.

Once upon a time, I ran a roleplay website. I think the storyline of that website could have used some cut darlings, because at the point it started, the participants were like, “any directiont hat the characters go in is the God of the story” kind of thing. We did, however, end up having our very first cut darling on that board (we’ve done several boards before this) and it was a thread that we went…. and it just sort of… didn’t work.

And then, soon after, my friend and I were staying up really late and role-playing out loud events that were ostensibly SUPER COOL AND AMAZING AND AWESOME. And then we told some of the people on our board about it over Skype, and their awkward, uncomfortable, shocked silence told us everything we needed ot know. But we forged on, and on, and then…. well, after some sleep and some time to think about it, we decided, no, no, that was… bad. So it never made canon. Some of the stuff did, little bits of trivia that we liked, but the vast majority did not. And the whole thing became a bit of an in-joke between us, because we KNEW it was bad. On our private onexone forum, there’s even a whole board to store ‘cut darlings’ that we want to immortalize for their hilarious badness, and it’s named after that incident.

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