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C08P01-Are you insane?

C08P01-Are you insane? published on 14 Comments on C08P01-Are you insane?

If ever a deal seems too good to be true, it’s probably isn’t.

It can be hard to keep one’s head when somebody offers a deal. Especially if the promised reward is something we dearly desire. Sometimes a good deal is exactly what it seems like…and other times there’s a lot of hidden risks.

What opportunities have you accepted or turned down, and why? Looking back, what would you have done differently?


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Well, I have now read the entire comic in a night, and started watching the fan group on DA. I had promised myself no more webcomics, yet here I am and I must say. This is such an amazing story, and the amount of depth and detail you have put into modling and shaping this world is awe inspiring.
As for your question about opportunities there are many things I would have done differently if I could, but on the same token I couldn’t because that would change who I turned out to be completely and though sometimes my life is infuriating and feels not fair in the slightest, It’s still my life and I plan on making the best of what I was given.

Hi InuHinata! I’m honored you’ve made an exception to your “no more webcomics” rule for LeyLines! Thank you!

Special thanks for your comment regarding leaving the past as it is. Lately I’ve been very afraid of making the wrong choices, leading to making no choices at all. It’s good to be reminded that there isn’t really a “wrong” choice. Everything we do shapes who we become, if we choose to learn from it.

Ugh, no contest. Working for my old boss. Maybe I don’t exactly “wish I’d turned it down” – our experiences make us who we are – but damn, did I get the wrong end of that deal. Three years later, still trying to clean up the repercussions from that one.

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