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C07P39 – What’s going on?

C07P39 – What’s going on? published on 28 Comments on C07P39 – What’s going on?

And with that, we’ve reached the end of chapter seven! Tried out some new things this time around, but we’ll be talking more about that next update.

I’ve been having an odd reoccurring dream. It always starts with me being dead. Which, oddly enough, is completely fine with dream-me. It doesn’t seem to have any impact on my life, other than I don’t have to go to my day-job anymore. I can still talk with people, touch things, and go about my daily life. Everything’s fine until something reminds me that being dead will have consequences. What if I fade out over time and can’t draw anymore? What if somebody inspects the building and finds the body, so they sell off my house? What if I can’t pay my bills, as I have no income, and they turn off the power?

I’ve had several variations on this dream now, and it made me realize that I’ve been thinking about the future of LeyLines and Moko Press in much the same way. It’s my hope to transition eventually to working on LeyLines and other stories full-time. However, I’d never thought about what I’d DO, only what I WOULDN’T be doing. That I wouldn’t be going to the day job, and that I wouldn’t be getting that steady pay-check. So thinking about the future was always one part relief, and one part terror. I was just thinking about the empty spaces.

Actually settling down to consider what I’d do made me think about where I want to take my small business. I want to offer more original art and prints, developing that into a full line. I’d like to run workshops for kids and libraries. Above all, I want to expand the stories that I offer through Moko Press, sharing multiple projects from a variety of genres. And I’d like to get more involved in the convention circuit, so that I can meet more LeyLians in person! Identifying specific things I’d like to do gave me a better idea of the resources I’d need to have before I try the transition – especially how much I’d need to set aside in savings. While it’s a little discouraging to see how far I still have to go, for the first time it gives me a clear, actionable goal to work towards in the next five years.

What are your goals for the future?


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sorry, it was just running through my head.

…I am missing the reference. Or the first part of the reference. I am missing something, somewhere! Probably my brain!!

My wishes for the future are to finally write: at last a part of my novel “Robin”, and a research article in order to find a new position after this one gets expired. Almost the same as yours.

My goals for the future are to keep improving in my art, become okay with myself as a person, and finally get the novels and graphic novels in my head out on paper. 🙂 I’d like to make a living making art in some capacity, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to do that in some form or another. Printmakers are apparently in high demand these days.

D: That’s not ominous at all.

Plans for the future.

Well, in the next year and a half, I have to get my act together and finish my PhD. I’ve made great progress in that direction, but it’ll be tough.

After that, I have to find a job. The PhD process has been a rough ride, so much so that I am no longer set on staying in academia. I want, more than anything, a good working atmosphere. I don’t care about money so long as I have enough for my needs, never have. But I’ve been driven to the point that it’s going to be very, very important to me who my boss and coworkers will be, what benefits are offered, and what the intangible group dynamics feel like.

Long term, my goals get less clear. I’ve got a lot of skills that need some development; when they’re up, new doors will open to me. I want to have kids someday, and a dog sooner. I’ve been writing stories in my head for a long time; someday, perhaps, I should get those out on paper.

I have a job that is not hard by any means, and pays REALLY well, but it isn’t a job I hope to be at forever. I do a lot of side businesses as well in the hopes to start my ‘Big’ business some day. One of the side businesses that I have been contemplating for a while is stationary. Over the last couple years, I’ve turned out about nine thousand stationary patterns, and last Friday I put out the survey to see if they garnered interest. They did, so I am putting together the catalog now! I am just a lil excited about it :p

Lurker coming out of the shadows once again! My goals for the immediate future are to launch my own webcomic sometime in the summer (I’m just finishing my buffer now), become a better storyteller by constantly writing and having my work read, and to find a part-time job so I can start building my college fund.
…and it’d also be nice if my Winterguard team could go to the semifinals next Tuesday.

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