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C07P37 – Suitable Friend

C07P37 – Suitable Friend published on 21 Comments on C07P37 – Suitable Friend

And Tama has decided to double-down on his sass. He is a sass MACHINE.

I had a very exciting day today, as the local Tailor of Fine Coats and Suits, Denver Bespoke let me know my custom Sherlock coat was ready for pickup! The journey of this coat was a pretty big challenge for me. I really, really struggle to treat myself to…well…anything really. I will almost always leave things I like at the store, unable to justify spending money for something as silly as myself. So one of my New Year’s resolutions was to try to be okay with getting myself things every now and again. My first challenge was to indulge my obsession casual enjoyment of the BBC show “Sherlock” by getting a Sherlock coat. I’m also a glutton for coats, which made the decision easier. However, after about a week of searching, I nearly gave up on the idea. Discouraged, I posted to Twitter that I was having trouble, and within 10 minutes Paul Taylor of Wapsi Square found me a place that not only specialized in unique coats (Sherlock style among them) but were practically in my backyard! So after several months, discussions on fabrics (heavy and plush Irish donegal tweed with flecks of white, silver, and black + shimmering purple lining), and tweaks to the design, I at last have an amazing long coat to giddily fight crime take casual walks in.

I may have also recorded my latest Kickstarter Update video in it…as I didn’t want to take it off…

The video also talks about some of the cultural surprises and challenges that are involved with printing in China. So if you’re thinking of using a Chinese printer for a future book, I’d recommend you take a look!

What is your favorite Gift to Yourself that you’ve ever purchased?


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A good coat makes me feel approximately 1000 times better about myself.

I found not one, but two new coats on New Year’s day and nearly broke down crying in the store, I was so happy. I’d been without a “proper” coat for over a year. This is not a huge issue for most people where I live (southern California, and right on the coast to boot, we have very mild weather here), but for me it just made me feel wrong all. the. time. Trading in my crummy hand-me-down jacket for a good peacoat was about the best new year’s omen I could have asked for.

Nice coat! It looks fabulous, enjoy it without guilt! Those are HARD to find. I’m six foot tall, with a rather pronounced frontal panel, and an hourglass figure (surprisingly enough), so I shall never have a coat that looks good on me. The coat industry (and clothes in general) believe that if you have a 42 ribcage, you must have a 42 waist, and want to wear a muumuu. Jerks.

Sometimes the coat is to blame. It can be hard to have a good cut. The tailor that made this coat was telling me about an older gentleman they worked for. He had a very pronounced hunch, and as a result all coats he bought at the store were rumpled and stretched in odd places. So they tailored the design to account for that, so it would fall neat and straight in the right places! A tailor is a magical thing!

Cool coat! And Tama seems to have recovered nicely. Tamali for the shipping win, by the way.

I have gotten better at spending money on myself (not sure if this is a good thing…) but I used to “shop” by walking around the store, picking out what I wanted, and then before I left, convincing myself I didn’t need it/couldn’t afford it, so I would put it back. In other words, I can relate to your plight.

Oh soooo pretty! Kinda makes me want to run to the store for fabric and make one for myself! I love coats! The last really nice one I had a grew out of, unfortunately, and have been on the lookout for another nice one. I’m jealous!

As far as your question? Mmm…I rarely indulge in anything for myself, but…maybe my horse? I always wanted one and when I got here I FINALLY got her 🙂 So yes…my lovely, sassy, headstrong horse, lol.

You’re half right, Tama. They’re both being pigs at the moment.

Sweet coat! (My husband is the same way. We’re currently on vacation so he can learn to be okay with spending money to goof off.)

I buy lots of things for myself. I wouldn’t say I’m a spendthrift, but I have three jobs that I work my butt off at specifically so I can spend money how I want. I like nice things.

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