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C07P36 – AAAAAaaaand?

C07P36 – AAAAAaaaand? published on 20 Comments on C07P36 – AAAAAaaaand?

Tama, stop being a butt.

If that’s possible.

Probably not, but you could at least make an EFFORT!

Cory and I were inspired by the eliminations on Penny Arcade’s Strip Search, which is a reality TV-show for web-cartoonists. During eliminations, the two cartoonists pick words at random from a basket and must make a comic in 90 minutes that combines both ideas. Cory and I thought it be fun to give ourselves the same challenge. We each wrote a comic strip script and then picked the best one for me to illustrate. This is the result. 🙂



Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Tama reminds me SO much of young children I know who seem just so broken up one moment until one second later when they get something they want and suddenly they are all smiles and gloating.

This is pretty cute. They’re like little kids.

Somehow, that two-words-into-comic thing reminds me of the frankenpets I do in my b/c shop on gaia….though they’re a bit more complex. Same sort of challenge though, getting things to work together cohesively that might not seem to fit.

Also, my reaction to those words would’ve been a ship being bounced between gravity fields. Or something like that.

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