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C07P35 – What would you choose?

C07P35 – What would you choose? published on 11 Comments on C07P35 – What would you choose?

I’ve seen a few people joke about how, if everything would work out no matter what, they’d just spend the whole life sitting in front of the TV. Still, for someone that worries constantly about everything, having faith that things will work out no matter what can be very freeing.

I ran another storytelling presentation earlier this week. The first of three videos is below, talking about story structure and planning. We also had some great questions in the Q&A session, so I recorded those as well! You can find that in the links below.



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I’ve found that ideas of lives like that, where all you do is watch TV or surf the internet or whathaveyou, sound good at first but really get old very, very quickly. Jobs that require little thought or work and involve nothing but internet surfing become really boring.

Personally, I’ve had this time off after I finished my thesis. It’s been quite nice, really, especially the sleeping in, and I can’t truly complain. I thought I would do more or less nothing but assemble and paint some of my Warmachine stuff, which I thought was going to be awesome. And while I did get quite a bit done in February and I’m proud of what I accomplished, I’ve done almost nothing in March, because I just got tired of doing it – it wasn’t as fun or exciting as I thought it would be. I guess I need more intellectual stimulation – more of a sense that I’m working on or creating something of value, something that will go or last beyond me.

(Random) I just want to say…I love that in your comic not everyone is this picture perfect idea of beauty that currently exists in our society. I’ve seen so many comics that fans drool over the characters because they’re beautiful, and… yours are so unique and different…beautiful in their own right, certainly, simply not the current top model type.

Have you met Zhiro? I would consider him beautiful and adorable and anything else that makes a person attractive 🙂 Have you SEEN his face? c:

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