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C07P31 – Afraid of

C07P31 – Afraid of published on 14 Comments on C07P31 – Afraid of

Thanks for the encouraging words on Monday from everyone that commented. I definitely had gotten hit with a sledgehammer case of The Doubts (again) and the different perspectives were very helpful.

It’s made me wonder if there’d be a way to make sharing LeyLines fun…if there was some sort of activity we could do as a group. I mean, I spend cash on advertising, which is all well and good, but it’s a bit…bland…as a method of connecting with people. It seems like there must be a way to do something together. Something that’s fun, a community activity in a digital realm. I’m just not sure what it is. A contest? A raffle? Some sort of viral…thingy? (Behold, my eloquence on brainstorming for this concept…)

What do you think? What would make sharing fun?


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I think The Doubts are hitting everyone heavily this month for some reason. I also got hit really hard with them earlier this month (to the point where I couldn’t work for a while being so depressed), so maybe it’s just the March blues or something. But I think you’re doing a marvelous job, both with the comic and with the talks/advice. I always enjoy your helpful videos.

As for sharing, I don’t really know. Maybe a google groups hangout (which admittedly I don’t know how that works)? Or a livestream session? Maybe another fanart showcase?

It seems to be going around. “Spring Fever” I guess? I hope you’re recovering from your March Blues too.

I tried the livestream sessions, but then they changed their code so it doesn’t work with my Cintiq anymore, so I don’t have anything to stream. 🙁

There might be a variation I can do for fanart…hmm…things to think about…

Robin, I’ve been moving/insanely busy, so I missed commenting the other day, but know that you are one of the people who inspired me to get off my butt and start creating. Thank you.

As for sharing LeyLines to a larger audience, I’m not sure what works best. Whenever anyone asks for webcomic recommendations, though, LeyLines is one of the ones I give out.

Wow! I had no idea I had that impact on getting you creating! Thank you so much for sharing that with me! And for recommending LL to others. Your support is, as always, amazing!

Kali needs hugs. 🙁

I think you should capitalize on your OCT following. I mean, I’m sure there’s already a ton of overlap, but maybe you could bring in Leylines as an example of how you practice what you preach? I really liked that article you wrote where you pointed out an example of how you did your concept wrong, and I think that could be really effective.

Also, Google+ hangouts would be awesome.

I think Julia over at Seed does a lot of fun things that naturally resharable and inclusive. I don’t know if you’re doing a costume change anytime soon, but she had a fun costume design contest for the main character’s new outfit. She had folks enter through her DeviantArt community. That contest in particular was nice because the entries weren’t judged on technical drawing skill, just coming up with a fun concept, so she got a lot of participation by all kinds of people. She drew every entry out in her style, played with her favorites in some different settings, and decided what was the easiest to draw and fit her story.

Julia also does a LiveStream every two weeks or so. And she shares lots of gorgeous character art on dA and Facebook, which I think is a really natural way to get people to reshare and get curious when your story is a little complex. But, like many effective things, additional high-quality art and regular livestreams usually take a time commitment, which you may or may not be willing to invest!


AM I the only one who noticed that?

Anyway, I think we should get someone to MMV this. It would be so amazing, I’d totally get some of my YT friends to do it. I can’t MMV myself, but I know some people who can… it’d be a great ad!

MMV stands for “Manga Music Video” – they’re just like AMVs, only made with still pictures, usually either fanart or panels from comics, and motion is introduced to the pictures to make themmore than a slideshow. They’re usually done on multiple layers and depending on the complexity, the stills are sometimes even cut at the joints so that individual body parts are used to animate the still frames. They’re so cool, if you’re interested I’ll send you some examples from various different fandoms.

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