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C07P28 – You know nothing

C07P28 – You know nothing published on 9 Comments on C07P28 – You know nothing

Just keep poking that bear, Kali. I’m sure that will end well.

So many announcements this Tuesday!


If you’ll indulge me a moment, I’m very excited to talk about the STRIPPED Final Push Kickstarter. STRIPPED is a documentary examining the history of comics and the challenges faced by cartoonists in this transitional information age. Dave Kellett and Fred Schroeder have interviewed over 90 cartoonists, from Jim Davis of Garfield to Mike & Jerry of Penny Arcade. They even have Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin & Hobbes who’s almost as famous for his reclusive nature as he is for his timeless comic strip! They’ve filmed everything and the movie is nearly done, but like the title says, they need a final push. In order to make this film everything it possibly can be, they need to license certain proprietary images and footage. Which costs quite a bit of money! So they’re asking for help to get them the last leg. I think Rich Clabaugh of The Graveyard Gang put it perfectly: “So many artists don’t know where we came from as a medium. They all need to buy/support this!”

Snow by Night Art Contest

The lovely comic Snow by Night is holding an art contest! I’ve entered a piece, but there is a plethora of gorgeous pieces from lots of very talented artists to check out! Definitely take a moment to look through all that great artwork and place your votes!

Storytelling Tips Session #1

Last update I mentioned that I’d be streaming a presentation on brainstorming tips, including character arcs, common ground, and theme. I recorded the sessions and have posted them on YouTube. Below is Part One, and you can find Part Two here!

Whew! Is that everything? I think that’s everything…for now!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Maybe it’ll finally be enough to push him into action and help him develop the skills he will need. Here’s to hoping, anyways.

Ah Kali, I don’t know whether you’re just stabbing back after earlier or trying to help…remains to be seen just which way your prodding sends him!

The Snow by Night contest has some seriously stiff competition going on! I’ve got an entry in there as well…one I thought was pretty good…until I saw the rest of them! O_o I’ll be lucky to make it through qualifiers!

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