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C07P27 – Worse than Tama

C07P27 – Worse than Tama published on 9 Comments on C07P27 – Worse than Tama


This Tuesday (March 5th) at 5PM EST (10 PM GMT) I will be running the first of several storytelling tips sessions. They’re open to anybody to attend. I’ll be using Livestream to give a presentation and take questions on Brainstorming, Character arcs, common ground, & theme. A 1-page brainstorming worksheet will also be provided! You’re welcome to join us!

One thing I really like about Tama’s character is that while his temper flares quickly, it dies out just as fast. Most of the time, at any rate. Particularly on things that he has a little experience with, such as his siblings…How well he’ll deal with Kali dishing out judgements on his behavior is another matter entirely.  XD  I should have just titled this chapter “Who is right and who is wrong?” because the whole thing has been people getting into very grey-area arguments…I swear, chapter eight has a lot more action and a lot less inter-personal drama!

Wasabi was this weekend, and a grand time was had by all! I met some current readers, and introduced several new people to the comic — speaking of which, HELLO WASABI FOLK! Welcome!! And thank you for coming by the booth!

Some highlights:

  • Justin Carmical (known as Jew Wario for those of you familiar with Channel Awesome) made a point to come by after a brief Twitter conversation. What a wonderfully nice guy! He bought a book and everything! Justin recently diverged from Channel Awesome to pursue his own projects, one of which will be an action series called FKR! Very exciting!!
  • On Friday I sold a book to an absolutely lovely person who returned the next day to let me know they were enjoying the book…AND that they had brought me a hand-made, chain-mail present to say thank you!  I confess to getting all flustered and a little teary, because nobody’s given me a present like that at a convention before and it was just so incredibly sweet.  Absolutely made my day!
    Isn't this awesome?!  I thought of it as my Wasabi good luck charm!  :)
    Isn’t this awesome?! I thought of it as my Wasabi good luck charm! 🙂
  • Sharing a table with the always wonderful Nami who was an absolute joy to spend the weekend with.  Not to mention, a fount of convention knowledge and wisdom.  I pretty much could talk with her forever, and she tolerates my neurotic apologies for talking too much with a great deal of grace.  🙂


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You say that like interpersonal drama is less interesting than straightforward action. I mean, this is what I, as a reader, have been waiting for pretty much since Mizha and Zhiro were introduced.

Also, Kali, you have no siblings. I don’t really think you’re the expert here. (*And* you’re expecting Tama to mediate a conflict. TAMA.)

I just get paranoid! I know we’ve had this conversation before, about how it’s often the conversation scenes that people like, but a part of me just can’t quite believe it. At the same time, a lot of this has been a long time coming (particularly the Mizha/Zhiro conflicts) and family is a major hot-button issue for everyone involved, so it also feels necessary…Aaahhh writing is hard!

Well he is supposed to be the leader of an entire nation. Seeing him practice some political maneuvering would be comforting at least. On the other hand, he does give the impression he’s tried to get both of them at one point or another to deal. Leading people is not the same thing as dealing with family.

That’s definitely true! While there’s a lot of politics in family, political maneuvers sometimes cause more trouble than benefit there. And yes, you’re exactly right in your guess regarding Tama’s involvement. He’s tried before, many times, to get in the middle of these kind of issues. I think he’s just tired of it by now!

Hmm, it seems like passive-aggressive tendencies run in the family. Here, Tama is making himself conspicuous by his absence. “I think what you’re arguing about/refusing to talk about is stupid, so I’m going to be as pointedly not there as possible to show you how stupid you are.”

Unfortunately, Tama, you are being far too subtle for people as stubborn as your sister and Zhiro to get right about now.

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