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C07P25 – I’m not stupid

C07P25 – I’m not stupid published on 26 Comments on C07P25 – I’m not stupid

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So at long last we get to the source of Mizha’s anger. Took her a while, but frankly having her give voice to her feelings at all beyond passive-aggressive sniping is a pretty big event. People have been getting pretty mad with Mizha these past few pages. I’m curious to see how knowing her reason changes anything, if at all.


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Aahh. I was afraid it was something like that. Mmgh. I’m kind of mad at EVERYONE now, but I also just want to hug them. I mean, she was unconscious. How was she to know how dire the situation looked from outside?

So yeah. Is it normal to want to hug someone and shake them at the same time? Because I feel like that ALL THE TIME, and fictional characters aren’t exceptions. 😀

She was in a bad situation, but invading someone’s mind is pretty serious. There is little that is more personal than invading someone else’s mind, and then you add altering it somehow. It would be hard to tell whether or not the two gods are fighting, or if it was just happenstance that it happened. Zhiro did make a deal without asking the risks. Even that should make Mizha angry at him since it was pretty stupid. It does make me worried that the cost was something from her instead of Zhiro.

But what good would interpreting the dream have been if she never awakened from her coma-like state?

I don’t think she’s asked herself that question either. Of Course she’s a bit to upset right now to be thinking rationally at all.

This is why I felt bad about being angry at her. Mizha has every right to be upset. Zhiro made an incredibly stupid decision, and it *cannot* be handwaved by saying, “Oh, he loves her!”

Admittedly, we can’t be *that* angry at Zhiro either, since he didn’t know what was going on in Mizha’s mind. He couldn’t have known that she was making progress.


With respect Skysong, Zhiro lives in this world. He saw the woman he loves in a magical coma. Everyone says they have no idea how to end it. Before that his knowledge was illusionists die when the mirior is broken.
Zhiro has direct contact with a god. Talks to god, “I’ll save her for a price.”

She needs to put her big girl panties on, and deal. No matter how crappy your life has been, whining is an abhorent way to deal with it. As is blaming other people for it. They may have contributed, certainly, but it is each person’s choice how they turn out, and no matter what another person did, they did NOT force you to choose how you’d handle it, what you would become.

Can you tell that I preach a lot about taking responsibility and accountability?

A lot of our lives are defined by how we choose to interpret, perceive, and respond to situations. On the other hand, giving voice to anger is often an important part of establishing personal boundaries. Where (or how) should a person draw the line between whining, and establishing that certain behavior isn’t okay?

I think venting is definately different than whining, and that it needs to be done or you self implode. The difference lies in who you are blaming for what, and how much of the burden you accept for yourself. I work a job I’m not fond of with people I can’t stand because the pay rate is friggin awesome, so it is my fault that I am surrounded by people who don’t have work ethics (or decent vocabularies), so while I sometimes vent (instead of whopping them with sheet pans), I never whine, cause I choose to stay there. Others in the same job whine about their crummy co workers, how much work they have to do, how they deserve better, blah blah blah.. No accountability for their choice to remain working this job instead of another.

I think Mizha’s passive-aggressive style may be breaking down, and when your main unconscious safety strategy starts to go away it can be terrifying. All the old pent up stuff has to find a way of being expressed (fight/flight/freeze).

Human beings are not just minds. We are not always logical; we make mistakes, we have unfounded beliefs, we often have to act without having enough information to make informed decisions. Stuff happens, and it seems that both Mizha and Zhero are struggling with the very limitations that make us human beings rather than robots (or corporations).

Great story, great characterization, Robin. ?

As much as I wish I could say that Mizha has the right to be upset that her mind was invaded, I can’t help but hear this alternate text: “You had no right to save my life! How dare you!”

Whether or not her dream had any meaning, doesn’t really matter. She’ll ave another dream. If it were that importatn, the GM, er, Goddess, won’t let it go. They’ll never get another Mizha.

That’s very true. I think a lot of people forget the “they’ll never get another me” in the heat of the moment. People take silly risks all the time because they’re late, or just impatient. “I missed that turn! I can cross three lanes of traffic!” Sometimes I wish everyone would take a moment to put their lives in perspective: You can make up for those lost 5 minutes in the meeting, but not if you’re no longer alive to get there!

And I’m up to date.
Robin thank you for the story. And extra thanks for using this forum to discuss the inner life; yours and ours.
(Hmm.. I wonder what Pakku & Warren are up to?)

It’s occurred to me that Zhiro might not be lying when he says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Dreameater could have stolen the memory of Zhiro contacting him.

This is a classic case of people doing dangerous things because there really isn’t any other option except letting the person die/stay in a coma. I’d be more sympathetic to Mhiza if they had another option other then letting her stay in a coma. As it is, I can’t blame Zhiro.

I think Mizha should just be grateful Zhiro saved her. If I knew someone had made a dangerous deal with a dark, ambivalent god to save me, I’d be thankful. Then again, I’m not Mizha.

Also, still not sure what kind of deal Zhiro made or what’s up with him. At first I thought Dreameater had taken him over permanently. However, given his current behavior, I’m not sure anymore.

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