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C07P21 – Drama

C07P21 – Drama published on 14 Comments on C07P21 – Drama

Thanks to everyone that shared some news last Friday! Sounds like there’s a lot of you with some very exciting things going on and I’m glad I got to learn about them!

Oh Zhiro, where would you get that idea? Or is it that you just don’t know your limits? Knowing one’s limitations is a tricky thing. Sometimes I’ll make limits where there aren’t any. Other times, I’ll blaze past what my limits should be. I have particular problems with the whole “relaxing” concept. I tend to feel anxious or guilty if I’m not working on something. The downside is that I sometimes burn-out. The upside is that I’ll test my limits often and learn exactly how much I can do. Which turns out to be quite a lot!

Sometimes it’s good to test a limitation. People often ask me how to get good at writing/art/etc. The only real way is to start, keep at it, and finish things. Sometimes I’ll be very surprised at what I’m capable of.

What limitations have you tested, and what did you learn in the process?


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The limits of every person I’ve ever met, on several different levels, about several different issues. Small things like the weather, to big things like moral and ethical commitment. What I’ve found is that people’s limits are (usually) a lot more menial than I would have guessed.

I think she may possibly may be upset about being awakened just after she got loose of her mother’s grasp inside the vision. Perhaps Mizha is just very determined at this point to do what she think she has to even if it means pushing people past their limits.

It’s pretty obvious when I’ve overstretched myself. Usually happens when I feel overwhelmed by regular life and I agree to go to social gatherings and such and it’s a huge emotional suck. I easily burn myself out being around lots of people and if I don’t have any personal time for weeks I get really snappy and irritated until I spend a few weeks by myself. probably has to do with me being an introvert of sorts.

oh moderation when will I learn you.

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