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C07P19 – Burden

C07P19 – Burden published on 28 Comments on C07P19 – Burden

Sometimes even good things can be ruined by societal pressures.

For me, Valentine’s Day has become one of those “good ideas, ruined by commercialization and cultural guilt” holidays. At least, until a chat with Cory the other day. I was griping about how it almost seems as though card, chocolate, and jewelry companies have formed this secret council to convince people that if they don’t buy their products for the Significant Other, then they are terrible, terrible mates. To which Cory replied, “Maybe they have, but think of it this way: It’s a Ferengi holiday.”

For those of you that aren’t Trek fans, Ferengi are a race of highly capitalistic aliens that exalt Greed as the highest virtue. They have the most meaningful presence in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which is my favorite of the Treks. Ferengi are actually a big part of why I like that Trek above the others, as I love their culture. I found myself imagining Quark learning of this strange Hu-mon holiday. “You mean…as a culture, you’ve put a price tag on love, and not buying enough for your mate is considered socially heartless and cruel? Really? And your company makes how much profit a year off this…monetary display of affections? Ha! There may be hope for your people after all!”

I think from now on I’m just going to imagine behind every Hallmark commercial or pink Hershey’s love basket is Quark, jubilantly raking in piles of gold-pressed latinum.

…Maybe I should buy myself some chocolates this year.

What’s your feelings on Valentine’s day? Or, alternatively, what’s your favorite Trek? (And out of curiosity – how do you feel about Trek vs. Star Wars, and is one better in your opinion?)


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I like Valentine’s on the whole. My spouse and I observe both it and White Day (because why not?). Before we started dating, he gave me a Valentine’s card from NaNa’s Everyday Life, which was awesome, and I reciprocated on White Day with chocolate and that’s how we got together.
I also like the Treks! I like TNG the best, and I never got into DS9 as much because I just hated Sisko (I like Odo alot, though). I have a special affection for Voyager, since when it aired my family had one t.v., and that’s what we watched, and back then I didn’t think it was bad. Now I can look at all of them and analyze what’s wrong with each of them! I liked the original 3 SWs movies fine, but I was never as into it as Star Trek. It was fun, but not exactly thought-provoking. ST was my training wheels to thinking about Complicated Stuff.

Well then I hope you and your spouse had a lovely and romantic Valentine’s day!!

I’m surprised how many people don’t just kinda dislike Sisco, but loathe him. He’s my favorite captain! Ah well, different personalities I guess!

I think Trek was formative for a lot of people in how they think. I have a friend who’s very, very logical that based much of his approach to problems off of Data’s behaviors. TNG in particular emphasized critical thinking and diplomacy as a way to resolve problems, and I know it inspired a lot of people to think differently about the world. Pretty amazing impact for a TV show!

Well, Sisco never had a chance with me. He hated Picard, and I loved Picard. And of course I was going to like Picard, he honest-to-gods looks like my dad and was French (I’m a Quebecois, so having a French hero in an anglophone work was a big deal to me). I also liked Janeway. I could empathize with her – the character needed to walk this incredibly fine line between being a “woman” and being a “boss”. It’s a completely impossible balance to achieve in any traditionally male-dominated field like millwrighting or the navy (which is what most fictional spaceships model themselves on). I remember how much flak she got from viewers, and most of it was based in sexism, not the flaws on the character.
On something you said elsewhere in this thread, I liked Babylon 5 better than any ST. It was SF with all the darkness and world-building people seek in SW, and a lot more depth.

That makes total sense! It sounds like, due to our backgrounds and personalities, we just related to different characters in different ways! Kinda interesting when you think about it, where the preferences over-lap, and where they don’t!

I’ve heard a lot of people recommend Babylon 5 and I haven’t had the chance to see it. I wonder if it’s on Netflix? It may be high time I check that series out!

Valentine’s Day has never had very much effect on me.

…DS9, eh? That’s my bf’s favorite Star Trek. I apparently ruined it for him, though, when I said that Sisko kinda comes across as a high-functioning homicidal maniac. He gets more personable as the series goes on, but never stops suddenly and unpredictably snapping at people. I’m a great fan of Odo and the station’s Ferengi, though.

Wow! A high-functioning homicidal maniac? Strong words! I never got that from him. He’s actually my favorite Trek captain. I always saw him as very passionate with a low tolerance for BS. Guess we got two very different reads on him. 🙂

Odo seems to be a favorite no matter who you talk to tho. It’s those “other” characters that always seem to strike a chord. Spock, Data, Odo. They’re the outsiders looking in at us.

I’ve never been able to stand Vday, and neither has my husband. As such, we simply ignore it and refuse to play along. Sometimes he will out of the blue come home with flowers or gifts that were completely unexpected and that means so much more because it wasn’t “expected” or pushed on him by society. But then, *shrugs* I’m convinced I married the greatest man in the universe 🙂

I don’t put much stock in Valentine’s, but my husband loves any chance to show me that he cares about me. (Not that I don’t know that) My indifference toward the “holiday” is why I’m over at my mom’s for a week this week, instead of next which is my birthday. Would rather spend my birthday with him instead of Ferengi Day. Which is now what I’m going to call it. XD

As for Trek, I love TNG and DS9. TNG I’ve seen all of, and I adore Data. I have yet to watch all of DS9, which I lovingly call “The Odo Show”, because he’s my favorite character. And hubby and I are those rare people that love ST and SW almost the same amount. SW less so right now though because it’s been just beaten like a dead horse.

Happy Ferengi Day! May your pockets be filled with latinum, lovingly showered upon you by ill-gotten gains. I mean, by love. Yes. That hu-mon thing.

I’m willing to put ST and the original SW trilogy on equal footing. I have to admit, Lucas really hurt the films for me with his shenanigans. Curious what Disney’s going to do with it. I mean…Avengers = Awesome, so…who knows?

Well, V-day is the anniversary of my husband proposing to me so I can’t really say I don’t like the holiday. Usually it’s just a special dinner at home – wine and some specially prepared meal – not a whole lot of gift-giving (As our anniversary is in March and that would just be silly – oh yeah and this year is our 20th).

Yes it is hyped and over-commercialized – but it was a commercial holiday from the beginning…Hallmark started the tradition of valentine’s gift giving. I don’t think Saint Valentine intended any of this…HEE!

Star Trek: ANG yup – I love Picard…:D I won’t deny it, and the series had some of the most intense alien encounters I’d ever seen. Love the Borg overarching storyline and especially when they capture Picard and use him to their advantage to war against the Federation. Personal preference…

Now about this page. LOL! It must be hard for her to have to go along with this solely for the idea that their chief will punish them if they don’t make their offering and she doesn’t accept it.

And hmm. Let me guess. When things go wrong, you say you did something to offend the gods. =/

Valentine’s Day is so not on my radar. This year especially, thanks to a lot of family crap, but… come on. I get extremely skeptical whenever someone tells me “BUY THINGS TO MEAN SOMETHING.” (Admittedly, I’m buying my husband something on the day itself, but that’s just because it’s the only day I could go shopping, and he spoiled me all weekend while I was laid up with the flu.)

Also. Star Trek is superior in story-telling and universe-creation, but Star Wars is more easily consumable and occasionally more fun. (I really don’t see why people compare them because they aim at completely different things. Star Trek is true sci-fi. Star Wars is an adventure story that happens to be set in space.)

I’m completely on board with holidays where I get to shower people with gifts or vice versa. I think buying and receiving gifts with your friends and loved ones is fun, and some people need social pivots/reminders like holidays to feel comfortable doing that. But expecting something special on a certain day and using gifts as currency to fulfill that expectation is a bad idea. Besides, February 15, or “50% Off Candy Day”, is much better!

Valentines Day isn’t on my radar yet, but my parents do it well.

Oh boy, favorite ST… TNG or DS9. TNG is my favorite “classic” ST “as they travel through space”. DS9 has my favorite cast and Sisko is my favorite captain. Picard tries to be too politically correct for my tastes. DS9 has a lot more world-building and it’s plots are more involved, which I like.

ST vs. SW… ST feels more like a TV show world… the Federation has internal peace and it’s only the nations not part of the Federation that have war, and it’s a utopia with no money and an infinite supply of energy. I guess it fells more fake. SW on the other hand is a lot more realistic (socially anyway) so I can relate to the social problems.

Sisco’s my favorite too, and the world-building elements are what clinched DS9 as my favorite of the Treks.

I really like your rationale for ST vs SW. That’s the best explanation of SW’s merits that I’ve heard (at least for the original films). SW definitely had a more “broke down” feeling to it. Not everything worked all that well, there were no miracle engineers to techno-babble problems away, things got dirty and not everything was all that shiny and advanced. Definitely different than the very clean world of ST.

Haven’t watched all the Trek yet XD I love what I’ve seen though. I thoroughly enjoy both Start Trek and Star Wars, and do not see why so many people think it has to be one or the other. On the other hand, I have also been called crazy and/or a traitor for enjoying both the Wheel of Time and Sword of Truth books.

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