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C07P18 – Offerings

C07P18 – Offerings published on 6 Comments on C07P18 – Offerings

New in store!

I’ve added PDF versions of Volumes 1 and 2 at $5 each to the Moko Press Store! Perfect for the reader that enjoys the convenience of reading on a digital device, or is buying books on a budget! The PDF versions include all the extra back-of-the-book goodies that the printed versions have.

New convention!

I’ve added a new convention to my schedule this summer! I’ll have a table at Intervention – the Internet Convention! It will be August 23-25 at Hilton Washington DC/Rockville. That’s right! For the first time, I’ll be attending an out-of-state convention, and on the east coast no less! I’m both very excited and incredibly nervous, but I’m hoping I’ll have the chance to meet many of you who hail from that far shore! I’m also excited for the chance to meet some of my favorite comic creators in person, as I know many of them are in that area and may also be attending.

I was hoping that my application would be accepted, but now that it has I’m all anxious! Haha! I’ve always been like this. Before a test? No worries. During a test? Cool as a cucumber. After a test? HOMIGAWD WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE I’M GOING TO FAIL WHAT IS THIS WHAT AM I DOING HERE SAVE ME BLAAAAAGHHFDJDHGJDJS!

I guess it’s better than being anxious before/during…but it also seems the most useless form of fretting ever, as it has absolutely no purpose. It’s over! Out of my control! Unless one of you has a time machine you’d let me borrow?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Nah, you’re the least awkward person here 🙂 I find the upturn of events intriguing, it was a complete surprise! I really love the story, and I hope (ok, who am I kidding, it will surely be) as captivating as until now. I also confess in being a professional weirdo and freak, just because.

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