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C07P17 – Self Defense

C07P17 – Self Defense published on 14 Comments on C07P17 – Self Defense


…So…as you can see…that was not what I was expecting. I don’t know when the poll for review ends, but I feel like a winner already. Thank you LeyLians! There are none mightier than you.


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

From the looks of it, kind of a Pyrrhic victory, though…. I hope the heart transplant takes.

No worries. This isn’t the first time you guys have done this.

Perhaps I should invest in a less volatile heart…

Please let me know if you find that heart store Robin. I would like a younger, less mordant heart for myself.
Thankfully your Story and your readiness to discuss your own “spirit” help keep my blues in check.
Many thanks.

Quick, someone! Tell the village elders that crossing their very competent priestess is a terrible, terrible idea! The truth will come out, because that’s how the laws of narrative work!

…Also, “that doesn’t stop other lightbringers from looking for them” is a 100% legit objection. Aaaand I’m not sure why this place is such a big secret anyways – it’s not like everyone else will jump on the chance to get this prime hunk of desert real estate that’s only habitable because of the priestess. Although, I guess there’s something else happening here we aren’t aware of.

It’s less of a “We want your land” problem as it is a “Heritics! Burn them all!” problem…although, to be fair to the Visionairies, they haven’t massacred many villages in the past century…mostly. Still, when this tribe went into hiding, it was because the bulk of their people were wiped out due to religious persecution. So they have a culturally instilled, extreme fear of outsiders. Oh! And we can’t overlook the fact that they’re free Timu. Which, until about 15 years ago, was not true anywhere in Itsuri society.

None of which had really been conveyed in the comic itself. Not directly, anyway. Some of that info is in the books. We’ll be getting into that aspect a little more later, but it’s hard to include all that history in a way that’s not phenomenally boring. 😉

I’m not sure that train of thought is followed by a rational caboose. They are missing, which means they are going to be looked for. Whether you kill them isn’t going to change that because they’ll still be missing. Unless you are going to mail their bodies back to their civilization.
“Hai Litebasterds, no look for idjits. Foundz demz.”

*Injects self into story.* I advocate for pumping them for information, seeing what is happening in the outside world, and then making a decision. Heck, you may just have some kind of magic laying around to force them to tell the truth….What, is my fur the wrong color? Hey, hey! Put down the sticks! MURDER ISN’T THE ANSWER!

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