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C07P11 – Sit on Down

C07P11 – Sit on Down published on 20 Comments on C07P11 – Sit on Down

Oh Rava. You just might know Kali better than she knows herself!

I had a dream this week that I wanted to share with you guys, along with some of my thoughts on it. I keep a dream journal by my bed, and this one in particular I will always treasure.

I was part of a competitive reality TV show that pitted comic creators against each other for the grand prize: printing our books. In the first event, we were all in a bowl-shaped arena, tasked with rolling a gigantic ball and knocking over tokens on the course with it. All the creators were thrown in at once, so it was a desperate struggle to wrest control of the ball away from other people. Cory and I were on a team, and we were doing pretty well, but then the announcer implied that we were the worst! I was briefly discouraged, but then I realized that the announcer had a vested interest in portraying us worse than we were. No longer discouraged, we leaped once more into the fray and won the event!

The second event I was on my own. My task was to drag a looooooong cloth through a massive maze. I had to make sure the cloth stretched all the way to the podium at the center. I was off at a sprint, hauling this mound of cloth as it spooled out behind me. I thought I was doing well, but again the announcer’s voice boomed out over the arena, and she implied that somebody else had already won. Concerned that I was running for nothing, I back-tracked and discovered a portly man. I asked him if what the announcer said was true. “No!” he told me, “Keep going!” Reinvigorated, I went back to running, but discovered I had a problem — by back-tracking, the cloth had bunched. I could no longer make it to the center, no matter how hard I pulled. Distraught, I wasn’t sure what to do! Then I felt a tug. Turning, I discovered a person in bright red clothing. They had gone behind me and gathered up the slack, smoothing out the cloth where it had become bunched. “Who are you?” I asked. “I’m a LeyLines reader,” they replied. “Now let’s win this thing!” Together we ran to the center podium and won the prize.

There are two very important things about this dream. For one, it highlights something key about one’s inner critic: it has an agenda. It has to make itself important, and it does so by portraying one’s self as worse than what is true.

For two, that I should take a moment to let you know how important you are to me, and to this project. Your enthusiasm, support, and encouragement are so moving and inspiring to me. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey! Together, I’m sure we’ll make it to the center someday. 🙂


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The “Pat Pat” made me lol. …The second time I read the page. The first time I didn’t notice it because I wanted to know what was wrong. That is quite the reason to be upset.
Reminds me of a picture book I would read with my dad when I was little. We’d find something new everytime we read it.

Glad to help in your crazy dream! 🙂

LOL wicked dream. I can’t really sit down and share my dreams because they are a bit too weird of late.

Why in the world would Bone Matron want her village to die? What purpose would that serve her?

All good questions, Tigershark! As usual. 🙂

And most of my dreams are…yeah, much too weird to share (Anubis has possessed the body of a 1950s housewife and is chasing me around a giant bee hive? WHA??). That one, however, was a very special exception

Now I have your dream image in my head. I like ancient history and religion, am up to learning about Rome now. Plus in Choral Society we are singing a 50s rock medley piece, which ends with Rock Around the Clock, which of course makes me think of Happy Days and Mrs. C … so add in you, a huge beehive, and Anubis disguised as Mrs. C but still obviously Anubis… going to be thinking about that one for a while. :).

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