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C07P09 – Doesn’t Count

C07P09 – Doesn’t Count published on 10 Comments on C07P09 – Doesn’t Count

Somebody is in trouble now! Maybe Ravazhi just doesn’t like it when Kali contradicts his wise old man statements.

For those of you that prefer to use Deviant Art as your home-base, I’ve started co-posting LeyLines on my Deviant Art Gallery. Just watch “RobinRone” to have every LeyLines page delivered straight to your inbox!

I really, really hate arguments and conflict in my life. However, I think they’re really interesting to write and read. Often when people are angry about something, they’re actually upset about something related to their own lives. Arguments give them an outlet to voice those frustrations, but direct them at an external source. Thus avoiding having to take responsibility for the issue. Sometimes it seems that half the battle of any disagreement is getting down to what we’re ACTUALLY angry about! It’s odd that communication is such a challenging skill to master when it’s so crucial to our long-term well-being! That may be why I’m attracted to stories. Learning how to tell a good story has the same skill set as learning how to communicate with clarity. And stories that speak to us are essentially road maps on how to resolve our own inner conflicts. In a way, connecting to a story works on the same principal as an argument — projecting a problem to another place where it can be addressed. I’ve found Tarot is a useful tool as well, for similar reasons. They both help me look at what’s bothering me in different ways.

How do you examine problems, when you’re having a hard time getting to the root of an issue?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Another reason I ship them: good arguments. Character conflict can so often come off as forced (especially in anything that’s actually supposed to be romantic).

I like to talk the problem out with someone who’ll be able to understand the issues, usually my boyfriend. Even just trying to express what’s bothering me seems to help me figure out what it is. It doesn’t always give me all the insight I need to solve something, but it almost always brings me a step closer.

A boss once recommended Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking when Stakes are High and said she was going to give us a quiz on it so we’d better read it. She never did the quiz, but it was a really good read and breaks down people’s responses under stressful situations and how to refocus on what you really want when you’re feeling attacked or uncomfortable in a conversation. Too bad fictional characters can’t read, or I’d lend my copy to Tamali right now. =)

I finally caught up! Started reading this amazing comic last night… took a while but it was worth it!
Prepare for oodles of fanart….

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