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C07P08 – Dirty Work

C07P08 – Dirty Work published on 14 Comments on C07P08 – Dirty Work

Somebody touched a nerve…and got a low-blow for their trouble! There are often moments in life when we know, with absolute certainty, that we should not say something…and then often cannot resist saying it anyway.

I ordered the charms earlier this week, based on the results of the survey, so those should be arriving sometime in the next few months! The designs that didn’t make the cut will be made into stickers instead, so they won’t go to waste. Thank you again to everyone that was a part of that decision!

Earlier this week I was in Disney World, courtesy of Cory’s folks. It was definitely interesting. I went there when I was 10, so it was rather surreal to go back and see what I remembered…and a lot of what I’d forgotten. I’m not sure Disney World is really the kind of place for me. I like to participate and create. Disney World is more about consuming and experiencing. I really struggled with that! I’m a bit like Lieutenant Angel from Hot Fuzz – I can’t switch off! I always want to see behind the curtain, understand how something works, pick it apart from every angle. I spent more time examining Disney for its worth as a cultural contributor, or how mercantilism is mixed with heartfelt shmaltz, than I did shrieking on the rides. (I’m not really a shrieker, anyway. It turns out I’m a nervous laugher.) I wish I could have seen more about how they designed the parks, or characters and films. I guess my “perfect Sunday” vacation would be in a museum of animation, rather than a theme park celebrating animations. 🙂

What would your “perfect Sunday” vacation be?


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Ooh. That hurts, Kali. But only because it’s so totally true.

Actually, Disney World would be awesome. Mostly because they built a new area around Beauty and the Beast, which is my favorite movie. (I’m an extremely analytical person too, so I’ve learned how to shut off that voice for at least a little while. When I’m done, I can analyze.)

Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorites too! And you’ll have to share your shut-down technique for analytical voices. Mine seems to be stuck in the ON position.

It’s not easy. Usually it just has to be something that I love too much. Sometimes, though, I just try to channel that into something that lets me enjoy it. I ask myself, “Well, okay, this is sexist/doesn’t have much of a plot/the characters don’t have much character. How would I fix it?”

I know exactly what you mean about Disney. The only time i’ve been there was to perform (marching band), so it was a lot of fun – but it was definitely being part of the show rather than just the audience that made it so.

Performing there — THAT would be awesome! That’s so neat that you got to do so with your marching band. The closest I ever came to the marching band experience was marching choir…which, by the way, is a TERRIBLE idea, but I think my choir director was a bit…insane.

As a slacker I rarely (or never?) try to analyse the media I’m trying to enjoy. Which might explain why I haven’t managed to grow enough as a creator to keep creating things that I could enjoy.

My perfect Sunday vacation would be to soak in the atmosphere of a fictional world that I like. That’s pretty much my main interest in RPGs, and feels like the main point of the LotR/Hobbit movies. Even in hack’n slash games like Diablo II I run around and chat with the NPCs even though I’ve already heard their lines so many times. Just to ‘feel the world’.

I definitely think “feeling the world” is the main draw to the Hobbit, which is actually why I was disappointed with it, because I felt it relied too much on that and not enough on everything else. I felt LoTR managed to balance both that “real” feeling with a pretty strong narrative. Ah well, can’t win them all. I know that there are lots of fans of the Hobbit that loved being able to take such an in-depth journey into Middle Earth!

Disney World has several “behind the scenes” tours. Expensive, but perhaps it would be more to your liking.

Here is a museum that might be what you want. I haven’t been there myself.

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