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C07P07 – Just like that?

C07P07 – Just like that? published on 14 Comments on C07P07 – Just like that?

I’ve never been a “drop everything, go with the flow” person. I like to plan everything, in careful detail, with numerous contingencies, and enough supplies to be prepared for any situation. Cory’s much more easy-going, and tends to do things on the spur of the moment. I’ve always been a little envious of that kind of personality. It seems like people that do things at the drop of the hat often have the best stories, of impromptu adventures in the form of road trips or midnight pranks. My adventures are always the carefully mapped kind.

What kinds of adventures do you take?


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I’m more of a planner. I can probably count the spur-of-the-moment adventures I have gone on in my life, and they all involved a girl. 🙂

Those all sound like amazing stories. Many good stories throughout time have started with, “It began with a girl…” Any good ones you’d care to share? 😉

All involve my younger days, of course… Hmmm, I was not (and am not) much of a drinker but my first time getting drunk was fun. It started with me asleep in bed at noon (not uncommon then), waking up to a tapping on my window. I open the blinds and it is a girl from high school that had moved away. We had crushes on each other but nothing had ever come of it.
“Want to go to Vegas?” she asked.
“Um, now?”
And with that, the two of us and one other female friend were off to Vegas. Four hours away does not seem very far, but crammed into the front cab of a pickup truck which then started overheating an hour into the trip, necessitating a return trip to grab a different car… Yeah, it ended up being a long trip. But anyway, we got there and hit up the bar at some fancy (to me) restaurant at Caesar’s Palace, and I ordered a gin and tonic (ha!), not having really had anything alcoholic before. A handful of drinks later and we are seated at a table and I need to use the bathroom. I stand up and the world is sideways, or gravity is at least. I had to hold on to every table I passed in order to not fall over. I made so many trips to the bathroom, the attendant told me I could stop tipping him for handing me a towel already.
We decided to get tattoos after that, but (unfortunately?) could not find an open parlor.
We gambled all night and I ended up breaking even, giving me the mistaken belief for years to come that I should be able to do this again.
Oh, and the girl, for whom I still held out hope that something was possible between us, announced that she was engaged to be married. So the trip had its ups and downs for me, but overall it is was fun and memorable and rare in its complete lack of planning.

Hrmmm…I tend to like planning, but also end up having to be flexible because my husband is VERY spur of the moment in planning – often it’s not “Hey what do you think about…” it’s more “Hey, we’re going such and such this weekend…” So yeah…

I’m in agreement with our shaman…want in one hand and poo poo in the other and see which fills up faster.

Some of both, I guess. Planned adventures can be great, but unplanned adventures – it’s not that I object to them in themselves, but that they often disrupt my other plans. Which are, you know, kind of important to me.

A happy compromise that works for me is to partially plan an adventure, leaving some details open to adaptation. “I will go out walking to a place that catches my eye today, and follow the things that interest me. When I get hungry, I will find something to eat, but in case that’s difficult I will have a snack on hand.” I do love exploring new places, so as long as I have the time and resources to do so, it’s great fun that intrinsically carries a bit of uncertainty. Likewise I might head to an area knowing what attractions are around, but not which of them I will visit.

On the balance, though, I’m probably closer to the planning end of the scale.

Robin: my dad was an over-planner and I thought that’s just how people were. For instance, all vacations were planned out weeks in advance to such a nervous degree that when it came to it, my mom and I were so exhausted we didn’t even want to go anymore. Of *course* there could be no stopping for “oh, that looks interesting” — that would make us late for … something?

It was decades later that I allowed myself to go take a vacation “in Canada” e.g. with no known destination, itinerary, whatsoever. It was liberating! It turns out that as long as you keep your passport and a credit card on hand, really there’s only so much of a mess you can make. I’ve followed that up with trips to European countries where I didn’t even speak the language, and stayed away from the tourist spots to boot. Terrifying at first — certainly the occasional panic-day — but now I wish I had done it back in my 20s! It really defies expectations.

I come from a looooong line of over-planners, so I know first hand how miserable they make vacations!! Like you, I thought “that’s just how they were” until I went on a trip with my fiance’s parents. The only thing they planned was what town they were going to have lunch in. It was great!

When on vacations now, I’m trying to limit myself to planning things two items at a time. Even if one of those is “re-assess how I’m feeling, and then decide which of these four things I’d like to try…or do something entirely new!” So I might have “eat lunch” followed by “re-assess.” I often get a lot of anxiety if I don’t have any structure at all, so this has helped me keep it under a manageable level. 🙂

The “wanting” comment is really interesting. Mizha is seemingly so open and bubbly, but she hides a lot. I like the contrast of what happens inside her versus what everyone perceives about her.

I do not adventure. I am a homebody. Part of the reason I like Lord of the Rings is because I am most definitely a hobbit.

Greetings, fellow hobbit! I, too, am the kind of person that’s happiest with seven meals a day, a small garden, and never leaving home. Everything I want is here, and the best kind of excitment is a dinner party with lots of good food (as longs as the guests are the invited and well-behaved kind!)

I really enjoy writing Mizha’s two sides. There’s so much that she won’t allow to rise to the surface…not yet, anyway.

My husband and I carefully plan our spontaneity! We plan vacations starting at least a year ahead, but we plan in options and contingency plans. Sometimes you have to shift Tuesday’s plan with Thursday’s at the last minute because the weather doesn’t cooperate. And we allow some unplanned time so we can stop to take a photo of something unexpected, or go on a favorite ride again. Careful planning and research combined with flexibility gets the best results for us.

I have some friends that can be much more spontaneous. There’s only so much spontaneity I can stand. I get cranky if I miss meals or don’t get enough sleep. I’ve learned when to say, “That’s sounds fantastic! I want to hear all about it when you get back.” Vicarious adventures are much more comfortable.

Haha! I love the Vicarious Adventures idea! Some things one really must experience first hand, but others are just as well-suited to a good story around a dinner table!

At least it sounds like you’ve built-in flexibility for your plans. Activities that can be moved, or time for things that might come up. When a plan becomes inflexible, regardless of the conditions, that’s when problems emerge.

I think for planners, sometimes making plans is a large part of the fun! And there’s nothing quite like making a truly elegant plan and having it all go off without a hitch!

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