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C07P06 – No, she didn’t

C07P06 – No, she didn’t published on 12 Comments on C07P06 – No, she didn’t

Go to bed, Tama! Sheesh!

Not that I’m one to talk. I’m naturally a morning person, so I tend to wake up early, alarm or no. Which can lead to a lot of not-sleeping when you’re the kind of person that always finds “one more thing” to do before bed. I’ve taken to the habit of yelling at myself when I’m being easily distracted. “BED, Robin! Go to BED! Do it! DO IT NOW!”

…Apparently I’m not very convincing tho.

What kinds of things do you talk yourself into…and does it work for you?


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I am completely the opposite. Without fail around nine or ten I find myself too tired to keep my eyes open. No matter what I’d like to do, I can’t stay awake long enough to do anything.

I have to talk myself in to making phone calls. I hate phones!

Someone online sent me a few sound files to make in to ringtones. One of them is Samuel L Jackson saying “Go the F*** to sleep!” because she uses it as her alarm reminder to go to bed. I haven’t used it as a ringtone, but I still think it’s funny. XD

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